What term of operation of houses of five-storey apartment blocks

What term of operation of houses of five-storey apartment blocks

The "five-storey apartment blocks" so popular in post-war Soviet period are calculated on operation term in several decades. However in practice this term is much less.

Operation terms

The first that predetermines limit time of life of the building – material of which the house is built. As the most reliable are considered the house which walls (load-carrying structures) have thickness 2.5 bricks. Such buildings belong to the class of "capital", are calculated on the 150th operation. There is also class "especially capital" houses whose walls are even thicker; similar buildings are capable to stay also 300 years. The following place on durability is taken by brick houses with the smaller thickness of load-carrying structures ("Five-storey apartment blocks"

Buildings of this type built of various material: brick, thick and thin panels, sometimes used even blocks. The "five-storey apartment blocks" constructed in 1955-1970 of thin panels are calculated on the most smaller term. Their deadline of operation makes only 50 years. However at the correct operation such houses will quietly sustain as early as years 20. According to researches, panels of these buildings have the margin of safety exceeding design by 1.5 times.

Quite another matter – the brick five-storey buildings calculated on one hundred years of operation. However in any calculations for longevity of houses there is condition which needs to be observed that the building has served the term completely. It is timely major repair. At the same time repair of the certain apartment does not influence condition of all house in any way. One more important point – the cost of utilities, electricity. All this Soviet period costed kopeks therefore at construction, for example, of panel houses, not really tried to pressurize seams, - heating was almost gratuitous and worked constantly at full capacity. If to take present conditions, then it will turn out that the apartment in the same panel house consumes every year means more and more; it becomes clear that for several years the price of housing is completely eaten by payment for "communal flat". Except house box there are still utilities which wear degree in "five-storey apartment blocks" does not assume capital repair (beginning of the 2000th). About 25% of communications have completely developed the resource. Therefore it is obvious that it is more favorable to demolish similar buildings and to build new housing, than to repair old.

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