What to do if seedling of tomatoes has frozen slightly

What to do if seedling of tomatoes has frozen slightly

To secure seedling against podmerzaniye, it is necessary to plant it according to climate of the region. In this case at change of plants on the constant place in soil the probability of hit of seedling under weather ""whims"" - frosts will decrease. However if tomatoes after all have found short-term easy night frosts, then it is quite possible to restore culture, having carried out for this purpose number of simple procedures.

It is required to you

  • - warm water;
  • - scissors;
  • - spray;
  • - Epin.


1. If tomatoes were frozen, then first of all it is necessary to create favorable conditions for culture. For the saplings growing on the street it is better to build temporary small greenery. After that seedling needs to be watered with warm water (35-37 degrees). Amount of water - the normal volume of watering.

2. Later hours the 12th seedling it is necessary to examine, estimate its condition. Those copies which completely povyal, it is necessary to remove, having replaced with new saplings. At other plants it is necessary to cut off faded branches and leaves. It is impossible to disregard top of saplings at all - if it ""is taken"" by frost, then it should be removed, otherwise culture will stop in development. Important for works to use the high-quality tool. If to carry out cutting by stupid scissors, then plants will long ""recover"" that will affect the speed of their development, fructification.

3. Day later after cutting seedling needs to be sprayed with Epina solution. That plants have quicker become stronger, on 500 ml of water it is necessary to take 12-15 ml of medicine and to process plants, trying to moisten with structure each leaf of saplings.

4. It is also worth remembering that it is possible to reanimate seedling of tomatoes only if the root system of culture has not suffered from frosts. Therefore in order to avoid similar incident it is necessary to watch weather forecast and if fall of temperature is forecast, then seedling first of all should be covered and in the next day not to water it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team