What to occupy the child on the seasonal dacha with

What to occupy the child on the seasonal dacha with

Before many parents there is in the summer question of with what to occupy the child at the dacha that also to be engaged in affairs and the kid did not miss. But actually the way out can be found, suggest the kid to create the small kitchen garden. In such a way the child will not miss, and also will join work.

What to put

As a rule, children do not like to wait long and as soon as the child covers seeds with earth, he immediately will want to see harvest. Plant  garden radish with the child - it is the earliest and vitamin culture. It is also possible to plant peas — children adore this delicacy, and to grow up it absolutely simply. It is easy to seed corn, development in these plants fast and effective.

The corner

Allocate for the child the certain place for landings. It is possible to plant on this site sorrel, rhubarb and long-term onions. And already to your next visit to the dacha the child will see result of the done work, and will even be able to regale on the harvest.

To fill baskets

Most of all children involve harvesting process. Give to the kid big basket that he could reap the long-awaited crop, and at the same time do not forget to praise the child and to remind him. that it is result only of its works.


Be not too lazy and organize to the child photoshoot about its kitchen garden. Photograph it at the bed, with basket. Then surely make photo album which with pride can be shown to friends and relatives that the child could be proud of the achievements at the dacha.


Surely take care of safety of the child on the garden site in advance. Check that all barrels with water have been closed by cover and also there were no boards with the sticking-out nails anywhere. Always you store various fertilizers and also dangerous, sharp metal objects in  the place, inaccessible for the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team