What to roof the house and garage

What to roof the house and garage

Roofs differ in design. Garages can be combined with the house, be close or far. Therefore options of coverings for roofs can be various.

Inexpensive roofing materials

As cheap roofing material it is possible to consider roofing material. Depending on its quality such roof can serve up to 15 years. Strong roofing material does not pass moisture, it can be warmed in addition glass wool. All work with roofing material is performed independently, involvement of professionals is not required. For it availability of bracket frame, furring is obligatory.

One more traditional inexpensive material for roof of the house and garage - slate. Life cycle of material reaches 40 years. The slate roof can be mounted independently. If not to take leaf weight into account. For raising of slate on roof the assistant will be necessary. The ready roof practically does not demand technical maintenance. The laid sheets extremely seldom break. The formed slots are stuck with special structure.

It is possible to carry professional flooring to rather strong and soundproof roofing materials. It is not subject to burning. Mounting does not represent any complexity. Sheets of professional flooring fasten to basis self-tapping screws or rivets. Work will not take a lot of time, does not demand professional skills. Choose sheets of rolled galvanized steel as roofing material. They happen on sale both to polymeric covering, and without it. Steel roofs are called faltsevy. Fold - type of seam of connection of metal sheets. It is usually carried out by the special electromechanical zakatochny device. Advantages of faltsevy roof: exception of leakages even at sharp temperature variation. Minimum weight of material. Big life cycle.

Advantages of tile

Also the sand-cement or ceramic tile is applied to covering of various roofs. The most attractive plus of roofing material - durability. Advantages at tile set: is not afraid of aggressive substances, does not burn, does not react to temperature variation, well absorbs noise, keeps heat. Also the technology of its laying does not represent special difficulties. The tile is ideal at abrupt slope of roof. The biggest minus of tile - its cost. The range of roofing materials provided in hardware stores is huge. The provided types - small part of modern offers. The issue is resolved depending on your financial opportunities, desirable style, service life of material, features of operation.

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