What to spray cabbage from plant louse with

What to spray cabbage from plant louse with

The plant louse is wrecker who most often attacks cabbage. To struggle with plant louse on cabbage - business troublesome, work demands certain knowledge and skill. Now in specialized shops the set of various medicine from these insects is sold, the prices of them differ. For processing it is possible to get as one of them, and to make solution independently without any special expenses.

As already it has been told above, it is possible to struggle with plant louse on cabbage both industrial medicines, and self-made. If you prefer to use ""chemistry"", then in this case give to preference Aktellika or Bi-58. Using them according to the instruction, you quickly enough will get rid of insects, having spent for processing and production of mix at least of time and forces. If you prefer to use folk remedies, I suggest to choose one of four options:

Dairy yodovy solution

Take water bucket, add to it 500-700 ml of milk and 10-12 drops of iodine. Mix is ready for spraying of cabbage, use it for designated purpose, trying to moisten each leaf of cabbage as much as possible. It is necessary to repeat the procedure each three days before total disappearance of insects.

Solution on the basis of tops of vegetable

Take half of bucket of potato and tomato tops of vegetable, fill in it with water up to the top of bucket and put to the warm place for two three days (it is possible just to the solar place). On the expiration of time filter solution, part 500 ml of the received concentrate in 10 liters of water. Solution is ready for spraying, use structure about a liter on processing of 2-3 plants.

Solution on the basis of onions peel

Take 200 g of onions peel and fill in with two liters of hot water (about 90 degrees), let's infuse before full cooling. As soon as mix completely cools down, filter it and part in 8 liters of water. Solution for spraying is ready.

Cindery and soap solution

Take 2-3 glasses of birch ashes and grams 30-40 laundry soaps, part these components in 10 liters of water and leave for couple of hours. Later the specified time mix solution and use for spraying of plants. As means turns out with small cindery granules, you should not use spray.

Not superfluous will be to specify that prevention - it is much more effective than treatment. To secure cabbage against plant louse, it is desirable to spray each 2-3 weeks culture with one of above-mentioned solutions, and it is even better - to alternate them, so insects will not manage to adapt to processings and you will be able to save the landings from these wreckers.

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