What types of wall-paper happen

What types of wall-paper happen

Modern wall-paper is extremely various, both according to drawings, and on the materials used at their production. Therefore well to feel in the house, the pasted-over new wall-paper, specify material merits and demerits.

1. Paper wall covering welcome the most known and available type of wall-paper. Except low price, as advantages of this type of wall-paper it is possible to remember their environmental friendliness and also simplicity of application. Any glue will be suitable for thin paper wall covering, but they not really long please with the look hosts, the drawing it can is impossible to be erased and wash such wall-paper from dirt.

2. Vinyl wall coverings is "sandwich" from paper basis and vinyl covering. Usually they beautifully look at the expense of volume drawings, it is also necessary to note their high strength, opportunity to wash pollution. Such wall-paper can hide small roughnesses of surface on which are pasted. However such wall-paper does not pass air.

3. Acrylic wall-paper – analog of vinyl wall coverings, more available at the price. Frothed acrylic can become basis of the beautiful and unusual drawing of wall-paper, they rather easily wash.

4. Frizelinovy wall-paper is combination of frizelinovy cloth and vinyl basis. Such wall-paper very strong, them it is possible to paint, clean that reduces the number of repairs which the apartment will need.

5. Silk-screen printing – kind of vinyl wall coverings. Due to use of silk thread, the surprising effect of silk fabric of the beautiful drawing is created. Smooth or relief drawings will perfectly decorate the room, and durability of such wall-paper will minimize need for rebonding of wall-paper.

6. Textile wall-paper is made of paper basis and cloth from artificial or natural material. It is necessary to praise firmness of this wall-paper, however behind them thorough leaving by means of special means is necessary, otherwise such wall-paper will look on wall just dirty rag.

7. Cullets – very strong and easily wash as they are made of fiber glass fabric. Modern cullets can have the various woven drawing.

8. Liquid wall-paper with big stretch can be carried to the section "Wall-paper". By means of liquid wall-paper it is possible to create beautiful decor of wall. They represent dry multicomponent structure which should be parted with water before drawing.

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