What useful herbs to plant in kitchen garden

What useful herbs to plant in kitchen garden

Miracle properties of useful plants are known to each of us since the earliest childhood. Who had no tea with raspberry during cold or did not calm nerves mint drink?

And how often we run in pharmacy to stock up with various grasses and backs! Sometimes we do not even think that the whole well of natural wealth grows at us underfoot and we can independently grow up medicative herbs.

Officinal herbs at the dacha:

Officinal melissa

It is also that mint which is often called still lemon. It resembles nettle superficially and blossoms from July to September. Seeds of melissa can be planted in February, directly in pots on windowsill. The plant loves heat and it is necessary to place it on the site in the places protected from wind. Prepare grass during blossoming, without drying up in the sun.


This plant loves shady places and well grows under trees. It is enough to plant in the spring only one bush as it well expands. It will be already in a couple of years possible to reap crop not only for himself, but also for all the friends and acquaintances.


This plant is absolutely unpretentious and does not demand leaving. If to lose vigilance, then it is possible to miss the moment when it fills with itself all kitchen garden. For the medical purposes it is possible to use its root which will need to be dug out and dried in early autumn.

Grass bearberry

Medicinal properties of leaves of this plant are known long ago. In medicine they have found application as bactericidal and diuretic. Raw materials for broths are prepared by two times a year – at the beginning and at the end of summer.

Medicative herbs in garden in the summer – it is fine, but really it is necessary to refuse fresh broths in the winter? No way! There are also useful houseplants which everyone can easily grow up in the house.


The root of ginger can be bought in any greengrocery, however it has to be dense and have small shoots. Having taken plant in warm water, it is necessary to plant it in pot with good drainage system. Ginger does not love drafts and bright sun. The leaves which have fallen down in the fall will serve as signal of harvesting.

Camomile, rosemary, tansy and mint

All of us have got used to see these officinal herbs at the dacha, but city dwellers can transfer them home and even to put in one big pot! The house garden can be added with thyme and rosemary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team