When it is the best of all to equip lawn on the site

When it is the best of all to equip lawn on the site

Owners of country sites, if the area allows, often want to add lawn on which it was possible to have a rest, play something to landscaping or just to admire emerald grass. But not all know in what season it is the best of all to equip lawn and what works it is required to carry out before its disembarkation.

As seeds for good viability need the damp soil and lack of heat, the best time for crops of lawn is the spring or early autumn. At this time often there is precipitation, but weather costs rather warm. If to prepare the site since fall, then the rolled lawn can be laid since early spring until the end of October, the main thing – that the soil was not frozen. In the summer arrangement of lawn will demand frequent watering.

First of all it is necessary to prepare the site, having cleaned it from stones, garbage, having dug over the earth, deleting at the same time rhizomes of weeds. Before crops of seeds or flooring of the turf it is necessary to provide the system of drainage, especially it concerns the crude parcels.

The structure of soil on which it will be landed is important for lawn. It has to be medium-weight or light loam. The poor soil is recommended to be enriched with humus or the compost earth, it is better to refuse fresh manure. To sandy soil often add the chernozem, and to clay - peat, but so that the share of additives did not exceed 30-40%. Thickness of fertile soil under grass has to reach 15-20 centimeters. When the earth is prepared, it needs to be leveled rake and to condense with special skating rink or long-handled wide board. It is better to perform works in dry weather. After that it is necessary to wait 2-3 weeks that there was soil shrinkage. If there are roughnesses at this time, they need to be leveled, and to remove weeds.

If lawn rolled, it it is necessary to lay so that strips did not come at each other, but very densely adjoined. Seams need to be filled up with dry mix of prime quality land and sand. After laying the lawn needs to be rolled at once skating rink that roots of grass have nestled on surface most densely. It is necessary to water lawn and to carry out watering every day during few weeks.

As for artificial lawn, its device needs to be made in windless weather without any precipitations. Soil is loosened on 3-4 centimeters in depth, and seeds distribute on surface most evenly. Then the earth is rolled or condensed. If the soil damp, it is necessary to water lawn only after emergence of shoots.

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