When to plant carrots

When to plant carrots

Carrots are widely used in cookery, traditional medicine and cosmetology. It contains huge amount of vitamins. Correctly planted and grown up carrots yield fine harvest.

Landing time of seeds of carrots. When landing seeds of carrots it is necessary to remember its features: it is frigostable. For this reason carrots can be landed in early terms. Also it should be taken into account that from the landing moment before collecting the ripened harvest there pass about 3 months. Thus the planted seeds at the beginning of May will please you with harvest by September. To regale if desired on fresh carrot is closer to the winter period transfer landing to early fall.

Preparation of seeds of carrots. This stage is very important at cultivation of carrots. Its seeds sprout rather slowly therefore it is recommended previously before landing them to prepare. There are various ways.

For example, just before landing the seeds of carrots can be taken in warm water within 3-5 minutes. Then to wash out in cool water. Also in advance bought seeds of carrots can be turned in cotton fabric, previously having moistened it in water. After that the parcel needs to be removed accurately in refrigeration chamber for 2-3 days. Thus seeds of carrots will ripen for landing and will please you with shoots much earlier. Features of landing of carrots. Choose the space for landing, considering that carrots - photophilous culture. As a rule, in the shaded sites the root crops grow tasteless and thin. Before crops of seeds do not forget to introduce mineral fertilizers and humus to the soil, previously well having loosened the earth. It is necessary to plant carrots tapes at distance of 40-50 cm, in six lines (between them 4-5 cm). Seeds close up on depth of 0.5-1 cm. Then it is necessary to sprinkle crops by small amount of otstoyanny warm water. From above the earth is covered with film (at distance of 5-6 cm) before emergence of the first shoots. Timely watering, weeding and application of fertilizers will provide you with excellent harvest.

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