Whether effective life has cement

Whether effective life has cement

Cement represents the knitting structure on brick basis. The quality of concrete solution directly depends on quality of this construction material. If cement effective life is broken, it will not be able correctly to interact with water and to form cement stone.

Storage lives of cement

In characteristics of cement it can be specified that it is capable to be stored about one year without deterioration in the properties – if all this time is in original packing. However sacked cement is good for the use only a few months. If material is stored unpacked, in bulk, that the term of its validity is reduced significantly.

At storage , cement in 45-60 days turns from the brand declared the producer into lower category. If to store this vyazhuyushchy material within year, it will be impossible to use it for designated purpose: consumer properties of product will be incorrigibly worsened. Storage life of cement can matter at construction of buildings and constructions of special importance.

Rules of storage of cement

That the knitting structure kept the useful properties, it needs to be stored in the dry room where interaction of material with moisture is excluded. The room has to be closed. The simple canopy will not approach. Also the basement will be unsuitable as storage: there very high humidity is usually observed.

Packing in which material is stored has to be hermetic. To increase cement effective lives, such packing is recommended to be enveloped in addition polyethylene. Quite often cement is loaded unpacked into the containers or tanks having the form of cylinders. Cement can be stored by bulk only at respect for tightness in such look.

The pallet will be indispensable condition for storage of cement. It needs to be isolated from moisture also. Quality cement is on sale in multilayered bags. But even such reliable packing cannot save cementing agent from dampness, oxidation and influence of other harmful factors of the environment.

The main enemies of cement capable to lower effective life of material and its value, is the increased humidity and carbonic acid which is formed in the atmosphere. In interaction with Wednesday cement is capable to lose to 15% of percent of the useful qualities a month.

It is necessary to know that even under the most perfect storage conditions in construction shopping centers long time cement will not be able to keep the working qualities. At construction of the most responsible objects it is recommended to use binding material which is shipped directly from manufacturer.

The industrial enterprises producing cement do not store it for months, and make according to economic calculations, orders and requirements of production. And here builders quite often buy construction materials for the future, with large supply: quite often for the purpose of economy. However finally the aspiration to keep excess ruble is wrapped in direct loss of money when the cement which has become unusable has to be thrown out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team