Whether the carpet for children is safe?

Whether the carpet for children is safe?

When in the house there are children, the situation of the children's room wants to be made the most comfortable and cozy. Laminate and parquet board are widely used as floor coverings now, but the carpet will be ideal option for floor in the nursery: and will protect from cold if in the house there are kids who long time are on floor, and will organically fit into design.

It not only convenient, but also beautiful, and among all species diversity and coloring, you will be able to choose that which will suit you. Especially, on sale there are materials which are specially intended for children's rooms.

It is possible to carry to pluses of carpet that it is easy to lay it, and in operation it is unpretentious. Make it from natural (cotton, jute, wool, coco and even silk) or synthetic fibers. But there is question: whether the carpet for children is safe? Generally, on the chemical properties, it is harmless. But, if your child the allergic person, then is better not to apply some types of carpet to the children's room.

In those types of carpet that incorporate natural pile, the dust pincers and microorganisms causing suffocation attacks in asthmatics are most often got. The covering from natural fiber can become covered by mold that too is unsafe for the child. Besides, natural pile is stratified, turning into litter and dust. But if the child has no allergy, to him will be comfortable in the room with carpet, to play and run on soft floor much more pleasantly.

That the carpet of synthetic origin has served to you most long, upon purchase it is necessary to consider several factors:

  • for the nursery it is better to choose carpet of bright coloring or with cheerful drawings,
  • floor has to keep perfectly heat,
  • the carpet has to be with anti-static and sound-proof properties,
  • the covering has to be cleaned easily.

Before laying material, progruntuyta floor surface that dust did not make the way through pile. The covering needs to be vacuumed regularly. The carpet is great choice for creation of cosiness in the children's room.

Sale of carpet is carried out by all salons of floor coverings and shops of building materials. It is easy to buy it, and the price will suit many people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team