Who is guilty of twisting of leaves of tomatoes?

Who is guilty of twisting of leaves of tomatoes?

On the sites many summer residents are engaged in cultivation of tomatoes. Quite often happens so that they and good have received seedling, and change to the open ground has taken place it successfully, but leaves at some point begin to be twisted. Because of what it can occur? And what with it to do?


If in the afternoon the kitchen garden is covered by hot veil higher than 35 *, and at night the sharp cold snap falls to the ground, then leaves of tomatoes will be twisted by "boat", along the main streaks. After all the tomato – plant southern also prefers temperate climate. 

Lack of watering

The dry earth bursts, breaking off plant roots. In reply tomato leaves contract, as from pain. To avoid temperature jumps and "pain", it is necessary to zamulchirovat the soil around stipitate straw or peel. Will help to correct the weakened plant to Novosil with addition of microelements. 

Bacterial cancer

Sign - leaves are twisted from top to bottom. To define precisely availability of cancer, cut off one stalk at the root and examine cut. Brown spot on it – sure sign of this dangerous disease. In case of its detection all plants, unfortunately, should not just be uprooted, but also it is obligatory to burn, and deeply to pickle the soil boiled water with manganese. If to the greater delight of owners of pomidorovy thickets of spot on cut it was not found, then leaves were twisted, most likely, because of lack of phosphorus and pine forest. Here to the aid will hurry "Madam" from Ryazanochkaya. 

Lack of calcium

Sure sign – leaves twist up, and on tomatoes topmost decay appears. This problem will be easily resolved by calcic saltpeter. 

Potato plant louse

This is the most dangerous enemy of tomatoes. It most often not just twists leaves, and literally skukozhivat them. These parasites not only that arrange themselves on stalks and leaves "table and the house" and places of their stay are marked out by sooty mushrooms, they still are carriers more than 50 viral diseases! 

Fortunately, it is simple to get rid of this transparent "big-bellied trifle": any of medicines from Colorado beetle will approach. One processing happens quite enough. Pay attention to that fact that foliage after such processing will not be straightened, will remain twisted, but new will already grow normal, "dense and silky". Also the plant louse will not fall down, she and it will be necessary to sit on stalks and leaves. But already mumitsifirovanny. 

Having excluded these sources of twisting of leaves, it is possible to grow up healthy harvest of tomatoes without additional spraying by various fungicides.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team