Why at begonia leaves dry

Why at begonia leaves dry

Begonia – plant, surprising on beauty, which is highly appreciated by flower growers not only for bright blossoming, but also for incredibly effective coloring and form of leaves. If suddenly leaves begin to lose brightness, to be turned in tubule and to dry is disturbing sign that mistakes in care for plant are made.


1. Begonias are considered as undemanding plants, but are those only if the main conditions for their favorable existence are provided to them. In leaving this flower immediately reacts to any errors loss of beauty of the unusual foliage. If at begonia begin to dry and fall down the leaves located at the very bottom of stalk, then it is, perhaps, the only case from all when you do not be anxious: there is natural process of their dying off.

2. When at flower begin to darken, be turned by tubule and to dry not only the lower leaves, but also all others, there is more complex problem demanding the most serious approach to search of cause of illness of plant. The mistake in the mode of watering of flower can be the most common cause of this phenomenon. Begonias – the hygrophilous plants which are badly transferring and the overdried warm air, and excessive stagnation of water at roots. The best mode of watering is made in the same hours, evenly moisturizing the soil. In summer days the watering has to be frequent, not allowing drying of earth lump. In cold season the begonia is watered moderately and preferably warm water. Begonia grades which have smooth leaves can be exposed to additional irrigation by water from spray. It is not recommended to spray plants with the trimmed leaves – water droplets, refracting sunshine it is similar to lens, can cause burns on gentle foliage and to leave on it dark ugly stains.

3. Tap water of poor quality can be other frequent reason of emergence of brown coloring and drying of leaves. Begonias sensitively react to availability of fluorine and chlorine in water therefore watering of plants has to be made only by the filtered or well settled water. The best liquid for watering of this flower the melt water is considered: normal tap water is frozen to condition of ice then allow it to thaw at the room temperature.

4. Dry leaves can signal as well about insufficiently humidified indoor air. Even at abundant watering the excessive dryness of air can become plant cause of illness. To avoid this problem around pot with begonia it is recommended to place open containers with warm water which evaporating, will moisten air of all room. It is possible to place pots in deep pallet, the filled wet sand, pebble or moss – this measure well promotes additional moistening of air.

5. The shortcoming or surplus of sunlight can affect state and coloring of leaves of begonia too: the plant prefers well lit places, but does not transfer hit to leaves and flowers of direct sunshine at all. Best of all the begonia feels at the windows coming to the southeast or the southwest. These plants prefer scope, do not love when they are rearranged from place to place, touch their leaves. Very badly transfer cold and frosty air, drafts which can also be the cause of illness and drying up of leaves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team