Why leaves are twisted

Why leaves are twisted

The problem of twisting of leaves is familiar practically to each gardener, the gardener and the amateur flower grower. And it is good if it is caused by simple deficiency of moisture, but what to do if the soil is rather spilled, and the plant all the same looks very bad? You should not despond, any trouble can be helped if to be engaged in search of the decision in due time.

Twisting of leaves – natural reaction of plant to lack of moisture. As from surface of leaf there is intensive evaporation, the plant tries to save precious liquid, having reduced the area of its loss. If you see that leaves have hung and have begun to be displaced in tubules is the first signal for check of humidity of soil lump. The dry plant is necessary is abundant to water, and after a while to prorykhlit the dried-up soil to break crust. Observance of elementary agrotechnology and rules of watering and mulching will allow to avoid unpleasant consequences and to raise harvest.

However the twisted leaves can be symptom of the disease connected with lack of the soil of nutrients. Most often it occurs at lack of nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, manganese and sulfur. Remember when last time you introduced mineral fertilizers to the soil. If it was long ago, it is necessary to carry out fertilizing by complex fertilizer as a part of which there are microelements. Only do not overdo, you should not think that if to fill more, the unfortunate yearned tree will be grateful to you. Surplus of mineral substances causes the most severe burns of root system and can lead to serious diseases and even death. Observe the instruction.

By the way, about overdose. Very common cause of twisting of leaves on fruit-trees and agricultural plants are chemical burns pesticides. Did you carry out processing recently to protect the garden from mean insects or fungus, and today have noticed what all plants cost with the twisted leaves? Most likely, you have overdone and have dissolved solution is a little more concentrated, than it was demanded by instructions. Unfortunately, in this case besides, to wait remains for nothing. To restore the burned leaves at you it will not turn out any more. Look narrowly at plant at which leaves are twisted. Often insects parasites can serve as the reason of this phenomenon. The plant louse, the whitefly, wireworms and larvae scoop – all of them damage root system or leaves and lead to loss of moisture and the general oppression of plant. You watch closely condition of the plantings and do not allow little wreckers to destroy your harvest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team