Why leaves at tomatoes in the greenhouse blacken

Why leaves at tomatoes in the greenhouse blacken

Each gardener manages to grow up good harvest of tomatoes not. The fact is that tomatoes - culture rather whimsical, and at the wrong conditions of keeping of plant begin to hurt, reduce the fertility. Rather frequent phenomenon on saplings - blackening of leaves, arises it in some cases.

Most often leaves of tomatoes or right after planting of seedling in soil, or at the end of summer darken, however in certain cases it occurs also in the middle of hot season. The main responsible for the events are:

  • Happens so that gardeners plant seedling to the greenhouse, for the night close design, but it does not save weak plants - there comes the sudden cold snap, and the easy frost affects saplings. In this case leaves of tomatoes at first fade, then blacken.
  • Fungal diseases. Quite often tomatoes are exposed to such diseases as makrosporioz and septorioz. Topmost and wet decay and also phytophthora - not less rare diseases of culture.

It is already impossible to help with the first case to plants nothing, saplings need only to be dug out and thrown out then to plant new plants. In the second case it is important to reveal what disease has affected culture, then, without wasting time, to work.

Symptoms of makrosporioz - education on the lower leaves of large black-brown spots with smoothly bent outlines. If at this stage not to undertake any measures, then spots appear also on stalks, then they extend on all plant. At the first symptoms of disease the saplings are recommended to be processed the Bordeaux liquid.

Symptoms of septorioz - education on lower leaves of black dots which for a short time expand then gain white color. It is necessary to struggle with disease by spraying of saplings fungicides – the Bordeaux liquid, Ridomit Gold, the Profit.

Phytophthora (phytophthora) - disease at which on tomatoes there are black-brown spots, and on inside of leaves - white raid. The above-mentioned medicines are most preferable to treatment. 

With the reasons have dealt, with treatment - too. Now It should be noted that all above-mentioned diseases can be prevented, it is worth looking after only competently culture and to provide it the most favorable conditions. So, first of all for tomatoes it is necessary to take away separate bed on which the most part of day sunshine fall. When landing between plants to keep distance. For tomatoes optimum distance - 30-50 cm. As prevention of fungal diseases it is possible to spray saplings with sour milk, having parted previously product liter in five liters of water. Frequency of holding procedure - time in 5-7 days. For avoidance of emergence of decay of lashes it is possible to dust soil wood ashes (0.5 liters on sq.m). As for frosts, at the beginning and the end of summer or even fall of bed it is necessary to warm ukryvny material, and over it to stack film. It should be noted that spraying by solution of epin helps tomatoes to resist to cold snaps better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team