Why pepper does not blossom

Why pepper does not blossom

Pepper is landed in time, seedling has grown strong and healthy and it has favorably transferred change to the greenhouse. However for some reason plants do not blossom, buds are not tied. The reasons for that can be a little.

Long time flowers on pepper can not appear from behind too high temperature in the afternoon, especially if it is followed by strong cold snap in night (lower than 15 degrees). That it did not occur, you do not hurry to land pepper to the greenhouse, favorable weather will not be established yet.

If plants lack light, then it can also result in lack of blossoming. Quite often happens that on pepper flowers appear and at pollination there are ovaries, but they fall down. Lighting correction in this case most often corrects situation.

The lack of buds can speak about glut of plants nitrogen fertilizers. Exclude similar fertilizing and shortly the first flowers will appear.

If flowers appear, but fall down, then in this case it is necessary to analyze air humidity in hotbed. Too humid air and at the same time insufficiently humidified soil - the main enemies of good harvest. In due time water plants, and exclusively warm water, and as necessary air the greenhouse, especially on hot sunny days. You remember, having watered with cold water adversely affects plants and their fructification.

At change of pepper make sure that the soil has got warm enough, otherwise roots of saplings will not ""work"" properly and plants will starve that can result in lack of their blossoming.

Lack of nutrients - one more reason because of which pepper do not blossom. Do not neglect fertilizing it seems ""Ovary"" or ""Bud"", and then the similar trouble to you will not be terrible.

If flowers and fruits appear, but during some period of time begin to fall down, then in this case it is necessary to examine plants on availability of rotting of fruits and fruit stems. If the reason in it, then special medicines it seems ""Zircon"", Epin help to overcome illness to you.

Why house pepper does not blossom on window

As for lack of blossoming of pepper in the apartment, in most cases the same reasons, as at their cultivation in the greenhouse. That plants blossomed, create them for this purpose favorable conditions:

- in time water with warm water;

- maintain humidity not lower than 65%;

- do not allow strong temperature drops (fence saplings from drafts);

- use the fertilizing promoting fructification;

- you keep pepper in separate spacious tanks, do not put them too closely to each other.

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