Why strawberry blossoms, and berries are not tied

Why strawberry blossoms, and berries are not tied

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Strawberry - one of the first berries which ripens on garden sites. And tastes of fruits are so good that this culture is put practically by all gardeners. When granting to strawberry bushes due conditions and leaving they perfectly fructify. However there are cases when culture blossoms, but berries are not tied.

Strawberry - culture unpretentious, even at not really good leaving of plant fructify and bring quite good harvest. Cases when strawberry bushes it is abundant blossom and at the same time berries are not tied most often occur when several negative factors preventing formation of fruits fall upon plants at once. Let's sort the most widespread.

Lack of changes

It is worth remembering that strawberry well fructifies on one place only the first three-four years, further its productivity decreases many times. The fact is that for the time spent for one bed culture takes away all substances, necessary for the development. Of course it is possible to fill with fertilizing part of power supply, however the harvest all the same will be much less, than from the bushes replaced to the new place - in ""well rested"" soil. It is possible to replace strawberry to any bed, except for where tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes grew.

Lack of pollination

Without due pollination you should not wait for good harvest. To attract to strawberry bushes of bees, it is necessary to place nearby with beds beds of silnopakhnushchy plants melliferous herbs. If strawberry is planted far from such cultures, it is possible to spray strawberry bushes with weak honey solution.

Diseases and wreckers

Strawberries can fall down flowers and because of diseases and wreckers. Most often flowers fall down because of attack of such wrecker as weevil. Insects postpone larvae in buds that leads to death of peduncles. Exit one - to get rid of wreckers.

Various diseases also prevent strawberry to develop normally. In most cases plants let all forces to fight against disease to the detriment of fructification. To avoid many diseases of strawberry, to look after rather competently plants: in due time to water, weed, feed up, to loosen soil.


Easy night frosts can also negatively affect strawberry. Therefore in the first weeks of blossoming of strawberry it is important to watch weather and if there is threat of frosts, then it is necessary to cover culture. It is optional to buy special ukryvny material: if there is hay, straw or moss, then it is possible to use them.

Late change / landing

Flowers fall down or are not formed at all if landing/change of bushes was made late fall. The main task for such plants - survival. They let grow backs further to have opportunity to receive nutrients in the quantities necessary for fructification. The strawberry planted at the end of fall yields the first harvest later season.

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