Why the garden radish strelkutsya

Why the garden radish strelkutsya

The garden radish masters spring beds one of the first among vegetable cultures. Juicy, tasty, useful root crops can be grown up in 3-4 weeks. Grow up it everywhere. But happens that sometimes the garden radish goes to blossoming, does not tie good root crops. Seeds, agrotechnology, wreckers can be the reasons.


1. The frequent reasons of strelkovaniye - violation of agrotechnology of cultivation of garden radish. Plants lack light. The garden radish loves well lit, solar beds. It will not grow in shadow.

2. Poor soil not for it. The garden radish will yield good harvest on the soils rich with organic chemistry. Fresh manure cannot be brought.

3. The dense soil is not suitable for garden radish. He prefers soils friable, processed on depth not less than 20 cm.

4. The dry soil gives excessive bitterness to root crops. Watering has to be carried out regularly, especially to dry weather. Garden radish - water bread, but do not fill in landing, otherwise he will stand on the hind legs - there will be a lot of cracked root crops.

5. Do not thicken crops. On 1 sq.m 4-5 g of seeds there are enough. Adhere to the scheme of landing of 40х10х5 cm. Sow large seeds. Only from them there will be large root crops.

6. It is better to sow garden radish seeds on depth the 1-2nd with the subsequent packing of soil.

7. Substandard seeds from the producer. If conditions of cultivation of seed material have been violated, space isolation has not been observed, repollination with wild types is allowed (radishes, for example). Or maternal seed material has been selected not from typical on precocity, coloring, form for this grade of root crops.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team