Why tomatoes do not redden in the greenhouse

Why tomatoes do not redden in the greenhouse

Tomatoes - thermophilic culture for this reason in the majority of regions of Russia the plant is grown up in greenhouses and hotbeds. Thanks to simulated conditions, tomatoes are more abundant fructify, ripen quicker and are ill less. However only at observance of all agrotechnical moments.

That tomatoes grew healthy and perfectly fructified, it is necessary to create them certain conditions. It is known that tomatoes warm and are photophilous, however do not love excessive humidity of air and soil and also ultraviolet surplus. Similar conditions for plants to create the easiest in the greenhouse for this reason in regions where rather cool and rainy summer, tomatoes grow up in these designs. However to grow up harvest is floor of business, it is much more difficult to achieve that vegetables have ripened.

Why tomatoes do not redden in the greenhouse: reasons

On ripening of tomatoes on bushes 25-30 days, however it are required provided that for culture favorable conditions is created. If even one of factors is broken, then time of ripening of vegetables can will drag on for weeks therefore it is very important to know what reasons promote delay of maturing of tomatoes.

First, tomatoes can not redden because of violation of temperature condition. At fall of temperature it is lower than 15 degrees or at increase more than 35 degrees in fruits are broken lycopene synthesis. And lycopene is responsible for filling and reddening of fruits.

Secondly, delay of maturing of tomatoes can happen because of violation of natural lighting. Not only the lack of light, but also its surplus has negative effect on culture. At lack of sunshine the synthesis of lycopene in fruits decreases therefore vegetables do not spet, and at surplus of ultraviolet the tomatoes literally ""are concerned"" under hot beams of the sun - in them all processes are broken.

In the third, tomatoes can not redden because of shortage or surplus of power supply. For example, if in the soil there is a lot of nitrogen and not enough potassium, then fruits can stop in growth and cease to redden, at the same time branches and leaves of culture will promptly develop.

Tomatoes do not redden in the greenhouse: what should I do?

If tomatoes do not ripen, it is necessary to adjust first of all temperature condition in the greenhouse. For this purpose the thicket should air design (if there is heat), it is obligatory to close its windows and doors at night, especially at considerable temperature drops. During maturing of fruits it is desirable to refuse single-component nitrogen fertilizers in favor of complex, to reduce watering of culture in the first week after its podkarmlivaniye. In the last month of summer - in August, it is possible to carry out trimming of foliage of tomatoes. The procedure will allow not only to reduce considerably time of ripening of vegetables on branches, but also to support healthy microclimate in the greenhouse.

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