Windows from floor to ceiling: problems and decisions

Windows from floor to ceiling: problems and decisions

The popularity of panoramic glazing does not exclude the related problems. There are solutions of some of them and ways of minimization of shortcomings of windows from floor to ceiling.

Panoramic glazing of apartments, balconies and loggias – one of the most popular ways to make the dwelling modern and presentable. Windows from floor to ceiling create indoors special microclimate: it visually extends, the border between housing area and space outside the window becomes illusory that allows to survey the city from any point of the room.

- provides the high level of natural illumination; - the apartment grows in price, becomes more prestigious; - demands permission to glazing which is given by local municipality; - after installation of panoramic double-glazed windows the loggia or balcony become full-fledged part of premises.

1. The light aperture is closed by type-setting designs (blocks) from double-glazed windows with the aluminum or wooden shape directly from floor. 2. The design from double-glazed windows is established on the general for them the basis of small height (40-60 cm) located along all wall. Whatever the way of performance of panoramic glazing was, any of them does not solve its main problem: safety for living. In spite of the fact that modern glass blocks for registration of facades of buildings are multilayered and possess the required strength ratio, nobody is insured from accidents: hits in window of big stone or strong motions of soil. In this case to be near huge glass wall extremely dangerously. To some extent installation on windows metal (or from strong plastic) blinds helps to resolve this issue. They will be able to keep glass bulk during its collapse that will allow owners to avoid trauma safely. The covering of surface of blocks the strong transparent film holding ultraviolet is the weak assistant in respect of deduction of splinters during the crash of wall.

This type of registration of wall aperture well resolves one issue – protection against wind. But during frosts indoors with windows from floor to ceiling it becomes cold because of the large volume of this material which is not the good heataccumulator. Near such wall it is very uncomfortable at this time. To some extent this issue is resolved by replacement of profile on wooden which, unlike aluminum, keeps heat better and is not heated from frost. However, the full-fledged way to qualitatively warm such window does not exist. Therefore for such situations the recommendation one: to establish panoramic glazing only in those regions where climate quite warm. In this case it will faultlessly serve many years and will please owners of the room with the favorable microclimate and harmonious space created with its help.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team