Winter make-up: rules, features and fashionable trends

Winter make-up: rules, features and fashionable trends

real woman has to look faultlessly, without looking on any vagaries of the weather. The winter make-up has the features and rules to which it is necessary to listen that not only to look beautiful and stylish, but also to keep skin.

Aggressive influence of frosty air leads to the fact that skin loses up to 80% of the saved-up moisture that results in dryness and premature appearance of wrinkles. Cold makes especially negative impact on the dry and combined skin. It is considered that it is necessary to refuse the moistening means in the winter, having replaced them nutritious. However dermatologists claim that irrespective of season, face cream has to correspond to skin type. Undoubtedly, components of the moistening means can provoke irritation on frost, but it is possible to avoid the similar negative phenomena if to apply cream not later than hour to exit to the street. And just before putting liquid foundation, skin should be secured by means of fat nutritious cream. However if skin is inclined to the increased fat content, it is better to replace nutritious means with foundation with moisturizing components.

When choosing foundation for creation of winter make-up it is necessary to consider that at this time skin becomes lighter. Therefore also tone means has to be at least one tone lighter, than usually. It is desirable to buy powder with the moistening effect, and it is necessary to apply it only over liquid foundation.

The winter make-up assumes natural flush, it is necessary to make a start from its color, selecting blush. So, with light, porcelain skin it is more preferable to girls to use cosmetics of light pink and coral shades in the winter. It is necessary to put them very accurately, emphasizing cheekbones only a little. More swarty skin is perfectly suited terracotta tone of blush. Anyway at their drawing it is necessary to observe measure if you have to be long time on the street, it is better to refuse their use absolutely.

Blush with cream texture since they give in to shading easier is ideal for winter season.

The harmonious winter make-up of eyes means the special color palette. First of all, it is necessary to refuse shadows of bright, flower and pastel tones which were actively used in the flying. In winter time it is worth paying attention to opaque shadows of dark, brown, blue, violet and gray colors. But in the winter likewise there is a wish to correspond to the recent fashion trends therefore it is necessary to pay attention to relevant make-up of winter of 2014 which gravitates to naturalness more and together with it the punk and grunge dazzles with kitschy motives of styles. At the peak of popularity of smoky eyes and nude face. And it is absolutely optional to carry out the first in classical option, brown, blue or olive shades will be quite appropriate. The make-up with nyud style is ideal for winter, its main feature is aristocratically pale tone of skin, and in cold season it practically all possess. Besides, its basic principle consists in creation of the most natural image. The emphasis in such make-up is placed on lips, and eyes and eyelashes remain untouched, but considering that in the winter it can create effect of impersonality, mascara should use nevertheless. But because of the increased humidity and frequent precipitation, ink has to be waterproof or on gel basis. One more trend of winter are arrows. And, in this season the stylists allow to depart from rules of geometry and to draw them at the level dividing mobile and motionless eyelid also the arrows framing lower eyelid are appropriate also cat's. However do not forget that this detail of make-up has to be selected taking into account features of appearance. For example, if the brunette is able to afford to follow any fashionable trends, then the blonde with light skin with black expressive arrows will look roughly and unnaturally. Much more it will suit brown or golden eyeliners.

It is necessary to remember that shooters can significantly influence perception of proportions of eyes. So, shooters on lower eyelids are able to afford only girls with almond-shaped eye shape.

Skin of lips is most defenseless against frosts as on it there are no sebaceous glands. It is possible to prevent peeling by means of the moisturizing lipsticks containing natural oils and vitamin E. Before putting lipstick it is necessary to use protective balm. From liquid gloss in winter time it is better to refuse or cause them only over lipstick. It is quite admissible to afford in the winter bright shades of lipstick which are so harmoniously combined with light skin. Caramel, scarlet and pink colors, and to brunettes – cherry, wine, coffee and beige will be suitable for blondes. Besides, it is very important to remove make-up correctly in the winter. It is the safest to use for this purpose the skins, tonics and lotions created for sensitive skin. And here srubs, even the most sparing and soft to use in the winter more often than once a week, is not recommended.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team