With what water it is necessary to water vegetables at the dacha

Rain water, it - natural, is the most useful to watering of plants. But in dry hot weather in the absence of precipitation it is necessary to use water from other sources.

We grow up vegetables for the power supply and preparations therefore water for their watering has to be the pure, not polluted ""chemistry"" and to have the necessary temperature.

What water the most useful?

Undoubtedly natural. Rain, river, the water from reservoirs enriched with oxygen, soft, having subacidic reaction - it is very necessary to plants.

What temperature it is necessary to water vegetables?

For watering of plants the water temperature has important value. Water with the temperature about 18...20 wasps is suitable for the majority of vegetables. This group includes such popular cultures as: cabbage, garden radish, salad and greens, tomatoes, pepper, eggplants, beet, carrots.

More captious to the warm, warmed in the sun water - pumpkin and melon. These are cucumbers, squash, bush pumpkins, pumpkins, watermelons, melons. They need the water having temperature more than 21...22 wasps, so-called ""summer"" temperature. Water with temperature about 25 wasps will be the best. Watering in cool weather of such vegetables is not recommended at all. At long cool weather it is better to water these vegetables with method of ""loosening"" of the soil. The breathing soil provides good access of oxygen to roots and plants can do some time without waterings.

Water from public networks of vodoprod, as a rule, is chlorinated and many vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, haricot) badly react to such water. The chlorinated water needs to be settled in open tanks for chlorine aeration.

Whether it is possible to water vegetables from the well or well?

There is opinion that such water the cleanest and useful. Undoubtedly. Water is filtered, passing through deep layers of the earth. But even from 5-meter depth such water will not be suitable for watering of vegetables. Its temperature will be about 5 in the summer... 6 degrees. Cold water is shock for plants. Having watered with cold water causes diseases of roots. Even passing through earth layer on beds, it will be insufficiently lukewarm for watering, and such watering will not be pleasant to plants.

Besides often water from wells or well contains excess of various salts, for example, of iron. ""Ferruterous"" water, having a little stood, ""ryzhet"". Such culture as cabbage, does not transfer the excess content in water of iron and besides does not love cold watering. Water should be pumped up in capacity and to warm that its temperature did not differ from air temperature.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team