Concentration of attention - exercise

Concentration of attention - exercise

Really is able to concentrate attention on a task or an object only small percent of people. Usually we do not even notice when we distract in the course of work and as thoughts jump with one on another. The ability to concentrate attention on something is so much how many it is necessary - it is incredibly valuable skill by means of which you will be able to increase working capacity many times.

Exercises for concentration of attention

  1. At first sight they will seem very simple, but not everyone manages to execute them from the first. Before starting performance of exercises, try to relax and occupy a convenient pose as much as possible.
  2. The simplest method of a training of attention is in choosing any object which was pleasant to you and to concentrate only on it. Consider it, describe about yourself a form, color, material, purpose and other characteristics. Stop emergence of any thoughts which do not concern an object directly. For a start set the task never to distract for a minute, and then increase this time. There is a small secret: the chosen object is simpler, the probability is higher that you will not be able long to concentrate on it. Therefore for a start choose difficult objects.
  3. Exercises on development of concentration of attention reckon with a candle as very effective. Take a thin church candle and make on it a notch at distance of 0.5 cm from a match, then set fire and concentrate on a candle flame. Think of it until the candle does not burn down to a mark. In process of fitness do notches lower and lower.
  4. Very difficult, but too very effective exercises for improvement of concentration of attention can be made, using the TV, a candle or hours. Turn on the TV, put before yourself the burning candle and try to keep attention to a flame, without being distracted by transfer. The same with hours – you monitor the movement of a second hand, ignoring the working TV.

And in general, the best method of concentration of attention is to be engaged in what is really interesting. In that case practically nobody and anything will be able to distract you from work.