Development of attention

Development of attention

Development of attention and concentration on an objective is important for any person wishing to increase own efficiency and quality of brainwork. The ability to be concentrated, to be focused on the purpose and at the same time to distribute attention to different areas of life helps to solve successfully any problems – both personal, and professional, and household.

Therefore the attention is so distinguished from other informative processes. Thanks to it the person can concentrate on essential details and relevant information, separate important from minor, without distracting and without being sprayed extensively. Finding time for development of properties of the attention, increasing its level, the person increases also own efficiency. And it is easy to notice it, having addressed recommendations and methods of development of attention.

So, you are busy with something and cannot concentrate properly.

First: reject concern

Also do not try to reach good concentration at once. And when you distract from business and are already ready to give up it, apply "The rule of five" – one of ways of development of attention so is called. It is in continuing work, having spent for it 5 more minutes. It will demand very few efforts, but will help to concentrate and work more effectively.

Secondly: remove the causes for which you distract

Important condition for development of attention: to remember that you did not get carelessness from the birth. Something disturbs your concentration and these hindrances can be both external, and internal.

Usually external distracting factors – the TV or phone, noise or chatter of surrounding people. It is quite simple to deal with them – ask colleagues or friends that did not disturb, occupy children, switch-off phone, switch off the TV.

It is more important to establish the internal reasons of carelessness. The bad mood or health, a stress or overfatigue, the notions of compulsion or lack of interest in the performed operations can be them. In this case you should define precisely what distracts you and to work with it. The solution of personal problems, removal of tension and fatigue, a small break in work not only will restore your forces and concentration, but also will have a positive impact on other your abilities – memory, thinking, perception.

Thirdly: create comfortable conditions for work

If work is badly organized, important information is indistinct or unclear, affairs are not planned and not distributed on degree of importance and urgency, you will often distract. In such conditions it is impossible to reach concentration even if to use special receptions and ways of development of attention! Therefore at first you should be engaged in the small analysis: if you work with information, structure it, or make the list and the sequence of all affairs in which you should be engaged. Such preparation during which you will organize the work or you distribute data, already helps to concentrate.

Here so, studying the carelessness and eliminating hindrances for concentration, it is possible to increase focus on a task and to improve quality of any work.

There is more: being engaged in development of attention, consider features of its work:

  1. Concentrate during one period of time only on one business. It will help your brain to work with bigger return, and to you – to keep concentration and concentration.
  2. Positive emotions and interest focus it – we become accurate and we concentrate without any efforts. But especially strong feelings will disorganize thinking, and first of all the attention suffers. At peak of emotions of people it is scattered and hardly concentrates.
  3. Effective work of attention is possible only when your life is ordered. No ways and technicians will increase the level of your concentration if you do not get enough sleep, move a little and your brain does not receive sufficient nutrition and oxygen. Diets and starvation, excessive intellectual loading and physical passivity harm attention, do not allow it to perceive and process new information productively.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team