How it is correct to drink brandy?

How it is correct to drink brandy?

Brandy is great alcoholic drink for the company of close people. To derive the maximum pleasure from its use, it is necessary to study, so to say, its culture. Having understood as it is correct to drink brandy, it is possible to experience its delicate taste and to enjoy it fully.

Rules of the consumption of brandy

  1. Drink is sipped in a narrow circle friends. It not really is suitable for noisy parties as perception of taste demands a quiet situation. It is important to pick up correctly a glass for brandy. Drink is drunk from cognac glasses which are called snifter. It is necessary to fill only a wide part. Otherwise notes of aroma will not reveal.
  2. Fortress of brandy is 40-60 degrees. For beginners the taste of drink can seem too saturated and strong therefore it is recommended to add ice there. In classical giving this option is unacceptable, but it has many supporters.
  3. Brandy can be drunk without snack in pure form. But depending on a situation and an action, on a table it is possible to serve any snack (canape, fruit, chocolate, seafood).
  4. Brandy can be drunk as a part of cocktails. It is mixed with various juice, syrups, milk, cream, coffee, ice cream, liqueurs, etc. The most suitable option for girls is to drink brandy with Coca as drink in pure form very strong. Its preparation requires 40 ml of brandy, a segment of a lemon, 80 ml of Coca and cubes of ice. Brandy needs to be poured in a high narrow glass (for a longdrinka) and to put there ice cubes. From above Coca is poured, and the structure carefully mixes up. Then the lemon segment is added. Cocktail can be served with a straw and to decorate edge of a glass with a lime or a lemon.

In what differences of brandy from cognac?

It is important to know that between cognac and brandy there is a difference. Each judge of quality alcohol has to remember it. Cognac is a kind of brandy, but here not everyone brandy is cognac. For production of the last use grapes juice, double distillation and long endurance. Brandy can be produced from juice of different fruit, and the production technology can be different.

There are such types of brandy as a Calvados (apple juice), frambuaz (crimson juice), kirsch (cherry juice), grappa and chacha (grape juice). Armagnac – one more type of brandy which on flavoring feelings is very similar to cognac.

For many years the existence of brandy did not lose the originality. Producers continue to release new tastes and shades of noble drink. On condition of the correct use, brandy will present saturated aroma and unforgettable taste.

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