How many does vodka leave an organism?

How many does vodka leave an organism?

All process of the consumption of alcoholic beverages can be divided into two phases: absorption and allocation. Alcohol and its derivatives get to blood instantly and already in a few minutes vapors of alcohol appear in the environment together with the exhaled air. How many there is an organism a vodka it will be told in this article.

What is the time there is a vodka an organism?

This process is influenced by many factors. First of all everything will depend on work of a liver, and if it the patient, then removal can drag on. Besides, body weight is of great importance. It is clear, that the less the person weighs, the quicker there will come intoxication products of processing of ethyl alcohol and alcohol on an organism will longer wander. The sex, a dose, a type of drink, the geneticist and a condition of other bodies of digestive system belong to other factors.

To understand through how many vodka leaves an organism, it is necessary to address the following data:

  • 100 ml will be left by an organism of the 60-tikilogrammovy person in 5 hours 48 minutes, 70-tikilogrammovy – 4 hours 58 minutes, 80-tikilogrammovy – 4 hours 21 minutes, 90-tokilogrammovy – 3 hours 52 minutes, and 100-kilogram – 3 hours 20 minutes;
  • on removal of 300 ml 17 hours 24 minutes in a case with the 60-tikilogrammovy person are required, 14 hours 55 minutes in a case from 70-tikilogrammovy, 13 o'clock will leave at 80-tikilogrammovy, 11 hours 36 minutes at 90-tokilogrammovy and 10 hours 26 minutes and 100-kilogram;
  • those who wants to know for what time he leaves an organism vodka half of liter should answering that the person weighing 60 kg requires 29 hours and also 24 hours 51 minutes, 21 hours 45 minutes, 19 hours 20 minutes and 17 hours 24 minutes for other categories respectively.

As for women, they toil from a hangover for 20% longer. And the fan of strong drinks is more senior, the longer in his organism ethyl alcohol stays.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team