How often it is necessary to wash the head?

How often it is necessary to wash the head?

Washing of the head is the frequent procedure to which the person in care for next-to-skin vegetation resorts. Disputes on that how often it is necessary to wash the head, do not cease for a long time. Supporters of rare influence of detergents empasize that our ancestors heated a bath of times a week and at the same time had a thick and healthy hair. Modern hairdressers and trichologists claim that curls need to be washed in process of pollution, but to do it it is necessary in due form not to do much harm to their health.

The factors causing washing frequency

The question how many times during a short period need to be washed the head, sets many, but the answer is not found. Actually, understanding it to a dilemma, it is necessary to consider a number of factors, such as:

  • type and length of locks;
  • way of life and nature of work;
  • condition of head skin, presence of various diseases and other problems;
  • season, etc.

Of course, if to tell the miner that he needs to wash the head of times a week, then he will just burst out laughing on such nonsense. However the girls having the problems with hair connected with loss, excessive fat content of roots and dry tips have to analyze the way of leaving and, perhaps, to reconsider it. Not superfluous will be to get advice at the expert how often it is necessary to wash head hair.

General recommendations

Those who is interested, how many times in 7 days owners of dry hair need to wash the head, should answering that once. At the same time detergents, balms and conditioners conditioners need to be chosen with the moistening effect. It is good if oils are their part. Water temperature when washing can be made hotter: it will stimulate production of hypodermic fat and hair will suffer less from dryness.

Those who has normal hair can resort to water procedures once in 2–3 days. To choose shampoos and balms corresponding to the type of hair. Those at whom epidermis of the head makes a large amount of fat can look after a head of hear to a thicket – 4–7 times a week. Whether it is necessary to wash the head every day, everyone solves for himself, but it is clear that nobody wants to look untidy. Besides the statement of some users that frequent washing provokes a bigger release of hypodermic fat, no more than an invention. Producing a grease secret is feature of an organism and depends on influence of external factors a little.

Resorting to the procedure of washing only once in 7 days, it is possible to achieve only that the fat film on a surface will not allow bulbs to breathe normally. Dust, bacteria and dirt will accumulate on skin, provoking development of a fungus, that is dandruff. Therefore the answer to a question whether it is necessary to wash the head in this case often, will be definite – yes. Only detergents need to be chosen sparing, without mineral oils – paraffin, vaseline and so forth. The fact is that these substances are products of oil processing and form a film which detains moisture and interferes with oxygen penetration on the surface of the head.

If there is desire to buy safe, quality shampoo, then behind its purchase it is necessary to go to drugstore. If there it was not succeeded to choose for itself good means, it is possible to buy the children shampoo. In it the amount of harmful and dangerous impurity, such as parabens, lauryl sulfates, ammonia, silicone, etc. is reduced. In the winter the head can be washed more often as under a cap the hair lack oxygen and besides begin to be electrified. In this case it is possible to pick up shampoo with antistatic effect.

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