How quickly to bring alcohol out of an organism?

How quickly to bring alcohol out of an organism?

On the eve of the long festive festivities and just output, it would be useful not simply to get acquainted with how quickly to bring alcohol out of an organism, and to practice it in the life not to meet unpleasant consequences of rough parties.

It is interesting that that alcohol which gets to an organism partially collects in a liver, and its second part gets to blood and gives in to removal without impact on it of various external factors.

How quickly completely to bring alcohol toxins out of blood and an organism?

  1. We drink much, but not alcohol (yes, probably, from one this word now the head is turned and feels sick), but usual water without gas or sweet tea. What we do thus, so it we load kidneys with additional work. As a result you will begin a thicket to visit the toilet room and it means that toxins of alcohol are removed by means of urine. If coffee getting thirsty instead of tea, then, please. However, it not so diuretic and besides stimulates a cardiac muscle. If you suffer from heart failure, then variant, optimal for you, – juice with high content of vitamin C (apple, orange).
  2. We have sex. Unexpectedly? It appears small, we will emphasize this word, small physical activity is capable to bring alcohol out of an organism. During sex, not only sweat, but also happiness hormones, endorphins which are well affecting the general health is produced.
  3. We go to a bath. If for some reason it is not possible to understand houses how quickly to bring alcohol out of an organism, to put into practice the gained knowledge, then we go to sweat to a bath. There the thermal effect will accelerate metabolism, and it, in turn, will quicker remove all hangover.
  4. We take a contrast shower. The same effect, as well as in the previous point, will be brought by water procedures with sharp change of temperature. However, it is worth beginning them with hot water.
  5. We drink beer. How it is possible? There is it quite effective way to help with wineache for the purpose of desintoxication. It should be noted that such procedure not only will save from a headache, but also the aching stomach will calm. Besides beer – excellent diuretic.
  6. Easy food. If someone told you densely to eat to bring alcohol out of an organism, alas, this way does not work. The proteins and fats getting with food demand a large amount of bile for their processing. But about what can there be a speech here if last night on an organism and, in particular a liver, there was huge loading.
  7. We drink a brine. And here the brine helps to restore salt balance. It fills up blood plasma, filling it I will merge electrolytes. However, if it also brings alcohol out of an organism, then not so quickly as, for example, usual water.
  8. We enjoy kefir. It appears, it is capable to render the invaluable help in fight against organism intoxication. It contains bacteria and amino acids. They help a liver to fight against the attack of toxins and also accelerate metabolism. For bigger efficiency, drink kefir small drafts on an empty stomach.
  9. We sleep. If is for this time, you go to bed. In Morpheus's kingdom the fight of an organism against toxins and products of their disintegration is not so felt, and therefore it is one of the most pleasant and effective ways helping as it is possible to bring alcohol out of an organism quickly.

It is useful to add not less useful methods only operating at a stage of slight intoxication. So, we brush teeth mint paste, and then we do not forget to rinse a mouth eucalyptus water. Besides it is useful to be engaged in rubdown in a wet cold towel. Also it is recommended to be engaged in the intellectual loading bringing a brain round and forcing it to work.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team