How quickly to remember the verse?

How quickly to remember the verse?

Many people say that they have a bad memory and that it is impossible to learn the poem simply. But everyone can cope with a similar task quite. Just it is necessary to know how quickly to remember the verse. There is a special technique allowing to make it.

How to remember the verse in 5 minutes?

Quickly to learn the poem, it is necessary to make the following:

  1. Read it aloud not less than 2-4 times.
  2. Now attentively study the text and try to imagine what in it it is told about. Associations help as it is easy to learn the verse, and by heart to learn any other information.
  3. Again read the poem, only make it very slowly, paying attention to each word. Try to remember a sort, number, a form and time of each word.
  4. Rewrite the text, it will also promote his storing.
  5. Now take the verse written by you on a leaf and repeat the first line several times. Add the second line and repeat it together with the first. So, adding every time on a line, it is possible both to remember the verse, and to learn any other text.

Experts recommend to postpone after that the book and the sheet with written by quatrains and to be engaged in something in another. In 1-2 hours to read the text once again at sight and to try to repeat it on memory. In case of failure it will be necessary to do several times the actions described in Paragraphs No. 1 and No. 2. It will help to remember information better.

How it is easy to remember the verse by heart?

There is also one more way by means of which it is possible to learn how quickly to remember verses, and any other information.

  1. Read the text several times aloud.
  2. After that postrochno repeat it just as it is described in the first way. As soon as you reach the end of the poem, repeat its once entirely and take a break for 15-20 minutes.
  3. After this time read once again the text from paper and try to repeat it on memory. If it did not turn out to make it, for example, the first 2-3 quatrains were remembered, and here the end of the text not absolutely, then it is necessary to read 2-3 more times it at sight and again to take a break.
  4. Further we repeat these actions – 15-20 minutes of rest which are replaced by reading of the verse at sight and its repetition on memory until completely not to turn out to teach him by heart.
  5. Also it is recommended to begin process of storing of the poem in the early evening or in the morning. At this particular time to turn out to learn the text much quicker.