How to adjust the video card nVidia for games?

How to adjust the video card nVidia for games?

Many users of the computer and first of all it concerns gamers, came up against a situation when there were delays with operation of the personal computer, in the people it is called braked. The reasons for this purpose can be different, for example, the small performance of the video card, there is not enough memory, etc. In that case the information on how to adjust the video card nVidia on maximum capacity, will be useful and interesting.

There are two main ways which will allow to cope with an objective: to change characteristics of the hardware or operation parameters thanks to setting up the software. Many users are afraid to use the first method as it is possible just to burn the video card therefore the second option is the most popular.

How to adjust the video card nVidia for games?

It is necessary to begin with downloading of the latest version of the driver which needs to be taken from the official site of nVidia. Among numerous points find the section Drivers and choose automatic or manual installation. In the first case the program itself will choose the necessary version and will install the driver on the computer. If the user decided to do by all the hands, then it is necessary to choose own video card and the version of Windows in the list. It will be necessary only to download the driver and to install it on the computer. It is necessary to finish the procedure with reset of the personal computer.

The instruction how to adjust the video card nVidia:

  1. Come into the control panel of the video card and select the 3D Setting Up Applications item. For this purpose at first click according to the Start-up menu, and then, choose the Control panel tab.
  2. It is necessary to specify value of 0th in point of smoothing – short flights of stairs on lines of the image will be in that case noticeable and if to specify the 2nd, then they will be not so noticeable. This point directly influences video card performance. For this reason it is recommended to disconnect it. As for a smoothing algorithm, choose – FXAA.
  3. If setup of the modern video card nVidia under games is made, then in point of anisotropic filtration, it is necessary to choose value of the 16th. If the video card old, then choose value 0th, but consider that in that case the quality of the image will suffer.
  4. The following step of control – in the Level of Specification of a Set of Images point, it is necessary to choose High performance.
  5. Optimization of the video card nVidia for a game should be performed by shutdown of Vertical synchronization. Still it is possible to switch off threefold buffering without special losses.

After all changes, it is necessary to press surely to Apply and overload the personal computer.

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