How to calm nervous system?

How to calm nervous system?

Sooner or later, but constant stresses will affect health. There will be irritability, the sleep will be interrupted, and work will lead to nervous breakdowns. How to calm nervous system by means of tablets? At a disturbing state and neurosises such drugs are taken:

What products calm nervous system?

The food rich with cellulose normalizes nervous system. In your daily menu surely there has to be a whole-grain bread, fresh vegetables and fruit.

It is impossible to do also without important mineral as phosphorus. It promotes removal of muscular tension and nervous irritability. Use fish, grain, bean, an offal.

For strengthening of nervous system use the products containing iron. Your diet has to consist of buckwheat, beef, a liver, apples, an apricot, spinach.

The lack of calcium causes irritability and difficulty of transfer of nervous impulses. In the preventive purposes use dairy and fermented milk products, nuts, bean.

It is possible to face such problem as breakdown and overexcitation of nervous system. It says about lack of enough magnesium. Eat buckwheat and wheat cereal, fresh vegetables, pearl barley, bean, greens.

The nervous tension is removed by group B vitamins. Diversify the menu with green vegetables (cucumbers, vegetable marrows, cabbage, a celery) and beans.

It is possible to calm nerves and to normalize a dream by means of such amino acids: tyrosine, glycine, tryptophane and glutamic acid. These substances contain in fish, eggs, dairy products, potatoes, bananas and cheese of firm grades.

What color calms nervous system?

The calming and weakening color it is considered green. It does not press on eyes. Green color – a combination of freshness blue and cheerfulness of a yellow shade. Such color will remarkably look in any room of the house. The zone of kitchen or the living room equipped in green color will have beneficial influence on your organism.

How quickly to calm nervous system?

Quickly it is possible to calm nervous system by means of medicamentous medicines, the majority of which is sold in drugstore without recipe. Also there are national ways, the nerves allowing to calm. Let's consider them:

  1. Listening of the calming music – old effective therapy. Listen to lyrical and slow mantras at any time when you feel that nerves already on a limit.
  2. Respiratory gymnastics. It is in such a way better to use at neurosises or at strong nervousness. Also if headaches and feeling sick disturb. Make several deep breaths and exhalations – you will provide a brain with oxygen, thought process is stabilized.
  3. Quickly will help to make sober and remove all negative, to calm nervous system reception of a cold shower.

What well calms nerves?

Problems at work, the conflicts with friends, problems of financial character are the situations forcing to worry enough fairly. And whether you know that such disorders are capable to do harm to an organism?

Let's consider the ways calming nervous system:

  1. Observance of the mode of a dream. At excitement of nervous system insomnia develops. The full-fledged dream will allow to prevent appearance of a nervous breakdown. You sleep no more than 8 hours.
  2. Avoid excess noise. In some situations it cannot be made (on the street, production, work). But we already so got used to the working TV that we ceased to notice the negative information influencing nervous system. You watch TV for the purpose of viewing useful transfers.
  3. You spend time in the fresh air. Walks have positive impact on work of a brain, allow to calm down and relax.
  4. Work out. So you not only strengthen muscles, but also will feel optimism charge. At muscle work, endorphins – happiness hormones are emitted.
  5. Eat properly the organism needs group B vitamins (nicotinic acid, calcium and lecithin). The food containing these vitamins will help to calm down.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team