How to choose a parquet board for the apartment?

How to choose a parquet board for the apartment?

Parquet board – the fine choice, both for a country house, and for the city apartment. And though this covering is rather expensive, but allows to create the special, unique atmosphere of a unification with the nature and provides a healthy microclimate indoors.

In order that it is correct to choose a parquet board, it is necessary to know how certain types of a parquet differ and what characteristics they have.

What parquet board to choose?

The parquet, at least, consists of two layers: lower provides durability of a design and top, differing in the increased decorative effect and moisture resistance and external influences.

The lower layer which is a peculiar strong framework is made of a fir-tree, a pine or a hevea. The last, thanks to the high content of pitch can be used in rooms with high humidity.

The top layer is made of many types of breeds among which there is an oak, an ash-tree, a maple, wenge, a beech, nut and some the African trees. The oak the most often used material, has durability and resistance to humidity and temperature drop and is used as a standard, for determination of qualities of other breeds of wood.

When choosing a parquet board such moment as selection of a parquet board is important for the apartment.

The grade selekt is the most expensive, possessing exclusive quality, with obligatory lack of defects. It is made of the cloths sawn parallel to a tree trunk.

The grade of natures differs also in lack of defects and has the non-uniform drawing. Existence of insignificant knots is allowed. It is made both from in parallel the sawn cloths, and on a tangent to temporary rings.

The grade of rustics differs in the boards of any cut which are picked up for coloring and the drawing. Existence of insignificant defects thanks to which the parquet differs in the unique drawing and the invoice is allowed.

When choosing good parquet boards such detail as varnish which covered a parquet which can be glossy, opaque or semi-gloss is important for the apartment.

Water-based acrylic lacquer eco-friendly and the most popular with producers of a parquet. However it has no good resistance to external influences therefore in rooms with high loading it should be updated quite often.

Polyurethane varnishes are less eco-friendly, however their wear resistance is high also the parquet boards covered with such varnish require to themselves less attention in use.

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