How to choose hunting skis?

How to choose hunting skis?

To the true hunters neither the frost, nor cold is terrible therefore winter hunting is not less popular. To move on snow, it is necessary to get special skis which will allow to go on deep snowdrifts and different territories. It is important to understand as it is correct to choose hunting skis to have an opportunity at any snow to go behind production. The most important criterion on which it is necessary to rely – durability, but at the same time also ease is not less important.

How to choose hunting skis?

Today two options of equipment distinguishing production material so are presented there are skis from a tree and plastic. The first option is considered more adapted for the different reliefs and inconveniences arising in way. It is possible to carry the fact that during rise on the height the hunter will not slide back to advantages of wooden skis. Descent from the mountain will take place at an optimum speed. It is important to consider that not all breeds of a tree are suitable for production of this equipment. The birch and a maple are considered as the best options.

Finding out what to choose hunting skis, it is worth talking also about options from plastic which also are popular. Such equipment on durability and ease does not concede to products from a tree. It is possible to carry the fact that you should not grease plastic skis before each campaign to advantages. As for minus, such equipment too slippery, so, it will be almost impossible to rise by the mountain, and here descent will be too fast that can become the getting injured reason.

Saying about how to choose length of hunting skis, it is necessary to notice that this parameter has to be a little lower, than human height. Experienced hunters say about what at friable snow should be considered that 0.5 sq.m of a support have to fall on each kilogram of weight. Let's review an example if the person has height of 180 cm, and the weight of 80 kg, then the area of a design has to be 4 thousand quarter see. With a length of skis of 170 cm their width has to be 23 cm.

To understand how to choose hunting skis on the weight and other parameters, it is necessary to mention kamusny skis and golitsa also. The first option means existence of a ceiling on the sliding party, for example, it can be a skin of a horse, deer or elk. Experienced hunters, consider that this option the most convenient when driving on snow. On kamusny skis it is easy to move on friable snow which does not stick and also to climb up the mountain. As for a loach to rise uphill on such skis very difficult and it is necessary to do it only by fir-tree. On difficult roads, sometimes, it is necessary to remove in general skis and to go on foot. It is possible to cope with the having shortcomings for what it is necessary to attach to them special brakes from aluminum.

To sum up the certain result concerning how to choose hunting skis on growth and others to parameters, we will mark out the most important characteristics for such equipment:

  1. Width of skis which will allow the person to keep on snow is of great importance.
  2. Ease of equipment as usually hunting is carried out on long territories is not less important.
  3. Skis have to be strong as they should maintain the weight of the hunter with a gun and other equipment.
  4. One more important parameter – flexibility that will allow to facilitate the movement and also it will help to avoid breakage of equipment.
  5. Skis have to be slippery that on them it was possible to move quickly.

Upon purchase of hunting skis it is important to rely on own parameters and the purpose, that is across what territories it is necessary to go and on what distances. By the way, such equipment it is possible to make with own hands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team