How to clean blood in an organism?

How to clean blood in an organism?

During all life in blood the set of hazardous substances which become the reason of appearance of various diseases collects. For this reason it is important to know how to clean blood in an organism to secure itself against troubles. There are different options which are offered by official and traditional medicine.

As it is possible to clean blood – medical ways

Thanks to procedures it is possible to purify internal liquids from different toxins, to reduce the level of cholesterol and sugar, to improve work of some internals and to prevent process of intoxication of an organism. Correctly picked up treatment helps to remove the cause, but not to get rid of symptoms.

Ways how to clean blood from toxins in the medical ways:

  1. The doctor can appoint the use of special medicines and dietary supplements. This option approaches best of all at food poisonings. Generally the course lasts 10 days.
  2. Laboratory therapy includes such methods of cleaning: chemisorption, an ozonoterapiya, a plasma exchange, radiation by means of the laser and ultra-violet radiation.

How to clean blood in house conditions?

Independently to be engaged in purification of blood, it is necessary to include in a diet products of red color, for example, beet or red cabbage. Perfectly red wine also copes with this task, but only it is necessary to drink it in small amounts. In the Tibetan medicine for purification of blood drink which four parts of juice of carrots and on one part of apple and beet juice enter is used.

What herbs it is possible to clean blood?

  1. Infusion of a horse chestnut. Fruits need to be crushed in any way and to connect to water in number of 1:3. Pour everything in a vessel, close it a dense cover and leave for three weeks far from sunlight. After that it is necessary to filter and use everything three times a day on 1 tablespoon.
  2. Nettle infusion. The pinch a two-blast furnace of a nettle needs to be filled in with 1 cup of boiled water and to leave to infuse so far liquid will not cool down. It is necessary to drink it on 1 tablespoon for half an hour to food.
  3. Fennel and valerian decoction. It is necessary to crush a handful of seeds of fennel in the coffee grinder, to mix with the chopped root of a valerian and to fill in all 2 cups of boiled water. It is necessary to close and leave a vessel densely to infuse within a day. To accept on 1 tablespoon to food.

It is important to notice that house methods of purification of juice help to eliminate only symptoms, but not the reasons of a problem.