How to connect bluetooth earphones to phone?

How to connect bluetooth earphones to phone?

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Bluetooth allows to transmit signals and information at distance without use of wires. It explains popularity of the headset, but at the same time many still do not know how to connect bluetooth earphones to phone. Any serious problems with connection should not be, but nevertheless some subtleties for fast and successful connection need to be considered.

Before understanding how to connect bluetooth earphones to the android, we will consider how in general the similar headset works. All modern phones working at such platform have bluetooth the module which connects to earphones and data transmission begins. The range is up to 10 m, and hindrances do not matter. Besides, there is an opportunity to operate functions and to answer calls, getting phone from a pocket or a bag.

How to connect earphones to phone through bluetooth?

For a start it is necessary to do headset exercises that the rarefied accumulator did not become the contact interruption reason. After that it is necessary to turn on earphones in the interface mode for what it is necessary to clamp the special button which is on the case and to clamp it. The blinking light-emitting diode indicates that everything is made correctly. Some earphones have a switch which it is necessary just to put inclusions in position. Put earphones close to phone, so the distance should not be more than 1.5 m.

The instruction how to connect bluetooth to phone with the android:

  1. On phone include bluetooth. It can be done through the menu of fast access or the Control menu.
  2. After inclusion the device will begin automatic search of devices to which it is possible to be connected. On completion of process on the screen the list of devices which are ready to connection will be displayed.
  3. Choose earphones from the list. In some situations it will be required to enter the PIN code and most often it is 0000 or 1234.
  4. After that press Interface, the message will demonstrate that connection is established to success, and it is possible to pass to use.

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