How to dump id Apple?

How to dump id Apple?

If the person wants to get rid of the account, he needs to know how to dump id Apple. It is possible to make it, having used one of two ways given below. What method to choose, solve only to you. It is more convenient to some people to use the first method, others, on the contrary, say that it is simpler to apply the second.

How to dump old id Apple?

This method perfectly approaches to change data, but at the same time it does not delete completely the account. It will be required to make the following:

  1. Start iTunes, select the tab Shop.
  2. Enter in the login and the password intended for these data of the field and enter.
  3. Click the left key of a mouse on the screen, in the appeared menu choose Settings and Account.
  4. Make necessary changes to data and keep them. It should be noted that it will be impossible to use not existing e-mail address. For activation it will be necessary to receive the letter on E-mail and with its help to complete process.

This method allows, both to dump a binding to id Apple, and to make changes to personal data. The account of the user at the same time will be kept.

How to dump id Apple if forgot the password from the record?

In this case it will be more reasonable to address to technical support. To make it simply, it is only necessary to follow the link - and to fill a special form. The only thing what it is worth remembering that it is necessary to fill it in English.

If there is not enough own knowledge, it is possible to use any translator, for example, Google of Transleyt. Grammatical mistakes and other defects when filling a form will not have any value. After sending the letter it is only necessary to wait for the answer from technical support. As a rule, it comes within several days, but it can turn out and so that the person will receive it only in a couple of hours.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team