How to force a brain to work quicker and more effectively?

How to force a brain to work quicker and more effectively?

Scientists consider that the average person uses the brain only for 8–10% from all its possible potential. Over the years the ability to process the large volume of information, to remember a set of data and to solve intellectual problems decreases that weakens brain function even more. How to force a brain to work quicker and more effectively, it will be told in this article.

How to force a brain to work at full capacity?

First of all to create all conditions for mental activity. If work at the computer is necessary, it is necessary to sit down directly, having provided ideal access to the keyboard and a mouse, to pick up convenient furniture. The operability of a brain depends on his fitness, a condition of the central nervous system, food and rest. It is easy to provide the last if it is correct to organize the mode of a dream and rest. If to speak about food, then it is the is best of all exchange processes in cells of a brain fatty acids improve such substances as lecithin, coenzyme Q10 and the Omega-3. They can be received from meat, fish, nuts, fruit and vegetables, cereal cultures, dairy products and vegetable oils.

Being interested how to force a brain to work better, it is necessary to train it – to solve crossword puzzles and puzzles, to read and retell read. At occupations brainwork recommends to take a break for 10–15 minutes each hour, having spent this time for warm-up and gymnastics, especially a neck and a humeral belt. If a lot of work unexpectedly pulled hard, it is not forbidden to feed a brain with fast carbohydrates – chocolate and other sweets. And in general it is recommended to move and not to sit up more on one place. Also walks in the fresh air and also frequent airing of the room help to improve blood supply. Asking how to force to work effectively a brain, it is worth turning the look on massage, especially at osteochondrosis.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team