How to get rid of the hanging-down stomach?

How to get rid of the hanging-down stomach?

Do you love beer and to eat tasty, and then to take a nap after a lunch? And who does not love? But only for some reason you should listen to the wife's claims in the area of "a beer belly"... Tastes differ, and it is quite probable that the small tummy will even seem to the lady of your heart very sexual and solid, but nevertheless, out of harm's way, it is better to get rid of the hanging-down stomach until it developed into something more large-scale.


The first that it is necessary to know about how to get rid of the hanging-down stomach, is that in principle, men in the lower part of a stomach are not predisposed to fat deposits. Your tummy is fruits of your way of life. Thanks to men's hormones it will not be difficult to you to get rid of a sumoist figure at all. So, we will begin with the cardioprogram. Daily for a week, you should run 3 km on average speed. After run start a power part – we swing a press. The best and simplest exercise – raising of legs from a prone position. For a start from you there will be enough also 20 times.

On it the sports program – how to gather in the hanging-down stomach, is not ended yet. On the second week we increase a run distance twice, and your speed does not play a role here, can even finish with fast walking. After run we are engaged in a press and we carry out the same 20 times only on three approaches.


Oh yes your hanging-down stomach is, first of all, a love for fat, flour, spirits. German diet, in a word. We stop all this and we replace with less high-calorie analogs. Alcohol, sweets, farinaceous food and pork – under the ban. By the way, beer not just promotes adjournment of fat at the expense of caloric content, but also oppresses your men's hormones, enhancing effect of women's. From here and non-standard arrangements of fat on a body – the drooped stomach and a breast, are, alas, female type of obesity. Your male honor is more expensive than pleasure from a glass of beer?


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team