How to hang up a chandelier with a level on a hook?

How to hang up a chandelier with a level on a hook?

The task becomes complicated when having come home with a new thing, you found out that the new chandelier fastens on a level, and the hook after old sticks out of a ceiling. How to hang up a chandelier with a level on a hook what to begin with?

If the hook is built in at construction in a plate of overlapping and is in deepening, then it is possible to use it in own favor as the additional durability of installation. Take a steel wire and fix it on a hook so that two free edges departed, pass them throughout openings under fastenings on a level, tighten a wire, having drawn in a lath to a ceiling, record it. Then fasten a level to a ceiling, using fastenings of smaller diameter, than an opening for it, having put on a washer at the beginning.

In a situation when the hook after all disturbs – turn in it the hammer to a ceiling, and you fix a chandelier on an assembly level.

How to hang up a chandelier on a hook?

If the hook was not provided by construction, then to make it as easy as shelling pears, considering overlapping material.

At installation to a concrete ceiling, it is necessary to drill an opening a pobeditovy drill of long 7-8 cm, to insert a plastic dowel and to twist in it against the stop a metal hook with a carving. Such fixture will sustain a chandelier not heavier than 4 kg.

If a ceiling wooden – twist a hook without dowel, directly in overlapping.

Whether it is possible to hang up a ceiling chandelier on a hook if a ceiling from gypsum cardboard?

It is possible, it is only necessary to twist a hook in the main overlapping, and to fill height between a basis and gypsum cardboard at the expense of a metal chain and to hang up a chandelier on a link.

When the weight of a chandelier exceeds 5 kg, for installation it is necessary to get anchor bolts with an expansion hook, with a diameter of 10-12 mm. Drill the necessary diameter an opening under an anchor, insert fastening, knock on it and scroll against the stop. Such bolts at a zazhatiya are held apart on all length and provide reliable fastening - the chandelier will hang for years.

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