How to improve sight at short-sightedness?

How to improve sight at short-sightedness?

Short-sightedness (shortsightedness) – sight pathology at which the person badly sees objects on long distance. Short-sightedness can be both hereditary, and acquired. At many people having shortsightedness children with the same pathology are born. It should be taken into account also negative impact of the environment: long loads of eyes, infectious diseases of eyes, intoxications. Besides medical intervention there are different methods how to correct sight at short-sightedness. Three main degrees of short-sightedness are allocated: weak, average and strong which differ in quantity of dioptries. At weak and average degree the doctors usually register points. However they do not treat this pathology but only artificially adjust defect. It means that having taken off glasses, you will still badly see. Further shortsightedness can progress, and points with a large number of dioptries can be necessary.

Products for sight at short-sightedness

In the nature there are natural stimulators for increase in function of sight which are in our food:

  1. Bilberry – berry, regularly using which you considerably improve sight. It influences blood circulation in a retina of an eye and removes stress therefore is ideal for those who are forced to spend much time at the computer.
  2. Carrots contain a large amount of vitamin A and well affect twilight sight. In particular it concerns drivers who are forced to strain constantly eyes, looking at the road.
  3. Parsley, fennel, basil, arugula and other types of greens contain record amount of vitamins. Think whether much you saw people wearing spectacles in the countries where greens are added to each dish?
  4. Sea fish contains irreplaceable acids an omega-3 which improve blood circulation and strengthen muscles of eyes.
  5. It is desirable to diversify the diet with different types of a citrus, vitamin C not only well influences the immune system, but also strengthens an eye retina.
  6. Also, if you wish to strengthen sight, it is necessary to use animal products: eggs, ham, milk, cottage cheese.

Sight training at short-sightedness

Besides a balanced diet, you can carry out easy, but effective exercises for improvement of sight at short-sightedness:

  1. You sit exactly, slightly raise a chin. Begin to blink quickly within 2 minutes.
  2. Sit down more conveniently, close eyes and massage eyelids finger-tips with circular motions within a minute.
  3. Sitting in a comfortable position, slightly cover eyelids. Begin to press easily them three fingers of both hands, being late for several seconds. Repeat 4-5 times.
  4. Draw with a look figure eight. And do it diversely: from right to left, from left to right, from top to down, from below up, on diagonal.
  5. You sit exactly, you hold the head directly. Make eyes of 6 movements clockwise and six movements in the opposite direction.
  6. You take eyes to a nose bridge, then part them back. Execute 6 times.
  7. Close eyes and begin to rotate proteins according to such scheme: up-down, to the right-on the left.
  8. Standing extend a hand before yourself. You look at a forefinger tip. Without looking away from a finger, you will bring closer it to yourself and you look until it begins to appear doubled. Repeat 8 times.
  9. Strong close eyes for 5 seconds, then open for the same time. Repeat 8 times.
  10. By means of forefingers raise skin over eyes along eyebrows and try, resisting, to close eyes.

Having got acquainted with councils how to return sight at short-sightedness, you remember that only the systematicity in their performance will allow to achieve positive result. Try to give more often rest to eyes, long sitting at the computer only aggravates problems with sight.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team