How to increase potency at men?

How to increase potency at men?

The sexual relations are an important part of the life of each person. Medical researchers proved that regular full sex prolongs organism youth, stimulates processes of updating and regeneration, makes impact practically on all bodies and the systems of the person.

At each man there comes once the moment when its sexual opportunities can bring and raise doubts in further success of intimate relations. Quite often similar happens to people quite young still, but more often the men who stepped a boundary of middle age face this problem. And then men have a reasonable question – how to increase potency and to understand the matter, it is necessary to define the first signs of violation of sexual functions.

The first signs of decrease in erectile functions at men

In the prevailing majority, the first signs of violation of potency at men begin after 50 years. It is connected with age changes in an organism, a hormonal imbalance, decrease in the general tone and exacerbation of chronic diseases. The first symptoms begin to be shown by such signs:

  • weakening of a morning erection, spontaneous excitement in the presence of exciting situations, as a result – total absence of potency;
  • the weak erection complicating or insufficient for carrying out sexual intercourse;
  • lack of inclination and sexual desire, decrease in a libido;
  • decrease in an erection in the course of sexual intercourse, impossibility of its natural termination;
  • too fast ejaculation, short-term sexual intercourse insufficient for satisfaction of the partner.

At the first manifestations of problems of the sexual plan you should not go into extremes:

  • to hope that it is a single situation and everything will pass by itself;
  • to begin to panic and to prematurely attribute itself impotence.

There is a set of ways of recovery of potency at men. First of all, the recipes of traditional medicine checked by time and also a number of pharmacological medicines for increase in sexual force concern them.

How to raise potency at men?

At emergence of problems with potency the man needs to estimate the way of life, to reconsider the mode and structure of food, to pay attention to physical shape and health. For a start we will sort that is useful for potency of men and that is harmful.

One of the most pernicious reasons for male power is the hypodynamia and a sedentary life. It is explained by emergence of stagnation of the movement of blood and a lymph in bodies of a small pelvis that can even provoke emergence of not bacterial form of prostatitis, with all that it implies from here problems. The structure of food is also very important for maintenance of male health – abundance of greasy food, carcinogens and a lack of vitamins considerably break exchange processes in an organism, have negative effect on endocrine bodies and hormonal balance. The set of such signs is especially dangerous to men is more senior than middle age.

Recommendations how to raise potency after 50 years:

  1. The movement and physical education with gradual increase in loading, a set of exercises for improvement of pelvic blood circulation is a first step to extension and improvement of quality of the sexual relations.
  2. Nuts and sunflower seeds which are rich with fatty acids and oils - peanut, a filbert, walnuts are very useful to potency. It is especially useful to use nuts with honey.
  3. Fresh vegetables and fruit – a celery root, turnip, onions, garlic, carrots, have to be a part of a daily diet of the man.
  4. Low-fat meat is preferable in the baked or stewed look provides a reserve of proteins necessary for each man.
  5. Various greens are a well of vitamins for potency - parsley, Tarhun, cilantro, spinach, except vitamins and minerals these products contain analogs of men's hormones.
  6. Whenever possible include seafood which is considered as natural aphrodisiacs in a food allowance.

You should not hurry to resort to the help of pharmacological medicines at the first violations of an erection, just pay attention to the health, good nutrition, a combination of physical activity and rest to prolong youth and harmony of the sexual relations.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team