How to keep a gif image?

How to keep a gif image?

First of all, it is worth finding out what is a gif image. The gif image is the colloquial designation GIF of a format of graphic files. These are, as a rule, the small animated images. When downloading a gif image on the computer or on phone, without specially installed programs they will not be lost as it is necessary to them, and will be shown just as the static image.

How to keep a gif image on phone?

In order that the gif image remained on phone, it needs to be downloaded. And to see it on phone, it is necessary to download the special program for viewing gif-files. Here some of these programs: GifPlayer, GifViewer. Such programs are paid and free. After installation of one of these programs on phone it is possible to look through without problems any gif - files.

How to keep a gif image from the Internet?

To keep a gif image from the Internet, it is necessary guide a mouse at the pleasant picture, then to open with the right mouse button a context menu and to choose To keep the image as …. Then to choose the place where the selected image will be stored and to think up the name for it. Further it is necessary to press: Everything is ready to keep and. There is nothing difficult in it. It can cope with such task to everyone.

How to keep a gif image on a desktop?

If the user wants the animated image to be fully displayed at it on a desktop, on the computer – it is very difficult, but it is possible. It is necessary to apply Windows DreamScene technology by means of which it will be possible to put the dynamic and animated wall-paper on a desktop to Windows Vista and Windows Seven. As the background drawing use of files with the MPG and WMV expansion is recommended. Thus, on a table the beautiful image which through certain time changes drawings will flaunt.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team