How to learn a levitation of objects?

How to learn a levitation of objects?

Levitation of objects – one of the most breathtaking and interesting views of focuses. Presently many illusionists can show to public such tricks.

The principle of a levitation of objects consists in their stay or movement in air without the support seen on that. It is optical optical illusion which is experienced by the audience.

How to learn a levitation of objects - the main secret

Before showing such focuses, it is necessary to rehearse them carefully. It is recommended to do it in front of the mirror or to film everything to see the events from outside and to correct shortcomings.

Audience has to watch process, being in several meters from a scene.

You should not begin the program from too difficult numbers. It is necessary to allow public to like spirit of magic and magic. Success of focus in many respects depends on that, how beautifully and actions will mysteriously look.

How to levitate objects of the small sizes?

Let's consider, for example, focus with a paper clip levitation. To be necessary for this purpose:

  • paper clip;
  • thread;
  • salt;
  • water.

For a start it is required to dissolve in a glass salt solution in the ratio two to one. Then it is necessary to take an ordinary string of long about 40 cm and to leave it in this solution for day.

After the thread became impregnated enough, it needs to be hung up for a tip that it hung in equal situation. Having waited for full drying, it is possible to start demonstration of miracles of a levitation.

For this purpose it is necessary to tie one end of a thread to a paper clip, and another - to a finger. Instead of a paper clip it is possible to take other nonflammable subject, but the main thing to calculate its weight. To show to the audience that usual thread and a paper clip is used. After the thread ceased to be shaken, it is necessary to set fire to it. After combustion there are invisible salt kristallik which help to hold a subject suspended.

To understand how to learn a levitation of objects, it is not obligatory to have any supernatural abilities. It is enough to have desire, patience and will power.

Levitation in a dream

Each of us had fine feeling when it levitates in a dream – feeling of ease, soaring above the ground or take-off after running start. To see such dreams – great joy. After them the person easily wakens, feels inspiration and high spirits.

The main interpretation of a levitation in a dream is that the person who has this dream grows. It means not only physical growth, but also spiritual.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team