How to obtain citizenship of Israel?

How to obtain citizenship of Israel?

Israel is economically developed state with the high standard of living and having an exit to four seas. Its permanent residents have an opportunity without visa to cross border of dozens of countries of the world and to use numerous achievements, for example, of medicine. For this reason and not only many are interested how to obtain citizenship of Israel.

How to obtain citizenship of Israel to the grandson of the Jew and other Jews?

There is a so-called Law on return providing the simplified system of obtaining the passport by the persons having the Jewish roots to the third knee. That is Jewish mother's children, legal spouses of Jews, grandsons, widows and widowers, people judaizing can become full citizens of this power. Great-grandsons of Israelis can cross country border as a part of the family, but receive only the residence permit.

Repatriation demands collecting necessary documents, here they:

  • the color photo of 3х4 cm for each family member;
  • passport;
  • the certificate confirming the birth and marriage;
  • the document which confirms education existence;
  • service record;
  • the reference confirming lack of criminal record;
  • data on the relatives living in Israel.

With all these documents it is necessary to be on an interview to the consul and if he makes the positive decision, then to family will issue the visa on repatriation. At the expense of the state, plane tickets will be acquired, future citizens will be given a monetary allowance initially and will allow to be treated free of charge in hospitals of the country within a year. In a week after entrance they on hands will already have a treasured passport.

How can not the Jew obtain citizenship of Israel?

Only by naturalization. For this purpose it is necessary to live in the territory of the power not less than 3 years and to have the residence permit. Existence of real estate, a good financial position and knowledge of Hebrew can influence adoption of the positive decision. Besides, it will be necessary to refuse already existing nationality.

Those who is interested whether not the Jew can obtain citizenship of such country as Israel on the simplified scheme should answering that such procedure is provided for the conscript military personnel of Israel Defense Forces and also parents whose children laid down life, protecting Israel. For those who ask a question whether the Jew can obtain citizenship of Israel the answer will be affirmative in case it is the child and it has no nationality of any other country yet. But at the same time it has to stay in the territory of the country not less than 5 years. Also the spouse or the Jew's spouse can receive the treasured passport, having lived in Israel not less than 2 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team