How to pump up shoulders on a horizontal bar?

How to pump up shoulders on a horizontal bar?

If the nature did not award with beautiful and big shoulders, you should not despair, everything can be corrected. For this purpose it is regularly necessary to play sports, carrying out exercises, for pumping of a trapeze and deltoid muscles. Interests many how to pump up shoulders on a horizontal bar and bars as it is the most available exercise machines which are practically in each yard. Today it is possible to get a horizontal bar and for house use. Such exercise machine very compact, it it is easy to collect and disassemble. Results can be noticed in several months.

How to pump up shoulders on a horizontal bar – advantages and rules of a training

The effect of pullings up is almost identical to a bar press up as the same movements are carried out. During performance it exercises, elbows move through the parties, namely such work and make deltoid muscles. It is important to watch that amplitude was maximum. Pullings up on a horizontal bar and bars – general exercise for shoulders which allows to involve several muscles in work.

That shoulders received good loading, it is necessary to be tightened not to a chin, and before contact of a crossbeam with the top part of a breast, at the same time elbows should be lowered most low. It is necessary to move to time of performance of pullings up smoothly without breakthroughs. Identical time should be spent on rise and on descent. The body has to be strained and not be shaken. Rising, it is necessary to do an exhalation, and going down, a breath.

How to pump up big shoulders on a horizontal bar?

During performance of exercise the front delta which main function is to bend a shoulder is involved. When shoulders are parallel to a floor, the delta is in the maximum tension. For pumping of these muscles by the most effective such options of pulling up are considered:

  1. Average successful fellow. Clasp with hands a crossbeam and hang, having caved in in a back. Bend legs in knees and cross them. Being tightened, you cramp shovels. Raise a body until the top of a breast does not concern a horizontal bar. Falling down, it is necessary to straighten completely hands that will allow to stretch well to back muscles.
  2. Partial pulling up by an average reverse grip. This exercise on shoulders on a horizontal bar is carried out from the same initial situation, as in the previous option. It is necessary to raise a body to the middle of amplitude where fix the case and execute bending of forearms. The task is in directing clavicles to a crossbeam. The delta receives the maximum load when the body is late in a point and forearms are parallel to a floor.

To train the back delta, it is necessary to carry out pullings up by a narrow reverse grip. The starting position does not change. Rising up, it is necessary to cramp shovels, and to direct shoulders back. The task is in concerning a crossbeam the lower department of a breast. It is recommended to look at hands.

To understand how to pump up shoulders by means of a horizontal bar, it is worth finding out still what option is suitable for pumping of a trapeze. For this purpose it is worth carrying out pullings up by the wide successful fellow to a breast and for the head. Let's understand technology of performance of both options:

  1. Pullings up to a breast. Initial situation does not change, and the horizontal bar needs to be captured the wide successful fellow. Rising, you should not strain bicepses, try to do effort by back muscles. You cramp shovels and you seek to concern the top part of a breast of a crossbeam. At the same time the look is recommended to be directed up. It is important that shovels looked in a floor.
  2. Pullings up for the head. Unlike the considered options of exercise of a leg it is necessary to straighten and they have to form one line with the case. It is not necessary to cave in in a back. Rise so that the crossbeam appeared behind the head. Besides it is necessary to control that elbows looked in a floor.


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