How to pump up shoulders push-ups from a floor?

How to pump up shoulders push-ups from a floor?

Strong and powerful shoulders are a symbol of reliability and courage. If interests how to pump up shoulders in house conditions, then for this purpose it is worth choosing push-ups. Exercise does not demand use of exercise machines and other devices, and it is possible to carry out it anywhere. To achieve good results, it is necessary to understand the equipment. Remember that the quality of performance, but not the number of repetitions is important.

How to pump up shoulders push-ups from a floor?

The classical option of push-ups gives load of shoulders, but only of the front delta. To pump over all muscles of shoulders, it is worth using non-standard options of exercise.

How to pump up shoulders push-ups:

  1. "Push-ups by a lodge". Accept an emphasis lying and raising buttocks up, bring closer legs to hands so that between the case and legs there was a corner in 90 degrees. Foot has to place emphasis on socks. From the accepted starting position it is necessary to begin to be wrung out, smoothly falling and rising. To receive desirable result it is recommended to fall to the full.
  2. Push-ups in a rack at a wall. It is the complicated option with which it is difficult to cope to beginners. For a start it is necessary to learn to stand exactly at a wall, without being unsteady and without falling. If it is possible to hold on on outstretched arms, at least minute, so can be passed to push-ups. Bend hands before the head does not touch a floor, and again come back to a starting position.

These options of exercise difficult it is also necessary to spend many forces to achieve good results. After you are able to do 10 times in these provisions, then can use weighting compounds in addition. It is the best of all to put on them legs. That shoulders became big and relief, it is necessary to do 3-4 approaches till 7-10 times. It is not recommended to be engaged daily as muscles have to have a rest and be recovered.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team