How to receive the green card?

How to receive the green card?

Existence of the green card gives the chance to live and work legally at the territory of America. A huge number of people dreams to become its owner as it is possible to get many advantages. Today there are several ways how to receive the green card of the USA among which it will be possible to find the option suitable for itself. By the way, externally the card is very similar to the credit card or the rights, only green color. On it there are all necessary information and the photo of the person.

How to receive the green card?

The easiest and fast way to receive the treasured document is suitable for people at whom in the territory of America there live blood relatives or the spouse/spouse. In that case the resident of the USA fills the Petition for Foreign Relatives form. It is worth noticing that many people, trying to deceive immigration service, concluded fictitious marriages, but today this deception takes place extremely seldom as the interview where ask different questions is conducted and also demand to provide the facts confirming marriage, for example, to a photo, video, bank accounts, etc. The similar card operates only 2 years.

There are several ways how to receive the green card to America, connected with work:

  1. If you are a valuable employee, then the American companies can receive the labor certificate and petition about issues of the map.
  2. The following option suitable for the people having successful business on the homeland which functions at least three years. In that case the person buys existing or opens the enterprise in the territory of America. It is important that the company meant the organization of new jobs and also had on the account at least of $500 thousand. Duration of such card is seven years and for its receiving it is necessary to fill out The petition on immigration by the foreign businessman. This option has several pluses, for example, an opportunity to take to America valuable employees and also chance to process documents for members of the family.
  3. The following method as it is possible to receive the green card in the USA, is suitable for investors who are ready to invest the round sum of money. Depending on the chosen enterprise the sum can be either $500 thousand, or $1 million. Consider, it is necessary to prove that money was received in the legal way.
  4. There are also special categories of works which allow to receive green cards, for example, the Afghan or Iraqi translator can count on the document.
  5. Independently outstanding persons, for example, the famous athletes, scientific figures, etc. can submit documents for obtaining the map. This method works rather seldom.

Saying about how it is possible to receive the green card, It is necessary to tell about one more category of people – refugees. In that case it is necessary to produce the real evidence about the prosecution reasons in the native state and also to live in the territory of the USA at least a year. The refugee and his spouse / spouses can count on obtaining the map.

How to receive the green card of the USA in a lottery?

The most surprising and way suitable any person. Annually the countries receive gifts – a small amount of cards (no more than 7% of total number of visas) which are played in a lottery among the people who submitted the application. For this purpose on the website it is necessary to pass an interview and to leave the application, and it is necessary to do it for half a year before holding a draw. Is at this way and restriction – cannot participate in a draw the country in which the number of officially immigrating citizens for the last 5 years is 500 thousand people.

If you fall under any of the categories stated above, it is necessary to address to Embassy of America where will provide you information on what documents should be collected for design of the card.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team