How to remove a stomach bottom quickly and effectively?

How to remove a stomach bottom quickly and effectively?

A huge number of men has the rounded tummy or an ugly fold in the bottom of a stomach. To get rid of excess fat in this area it is difficult as an integrated approach to the solution of a task is important. For this purpose it is necessary to understand how to remove a stomach bottom quickly and effectively. It is important to notice that it is impossible to lose weight only in one part of a body and kilograms will evenly leave. People who will change the food can expect result, will exclude addictions and will regularly play sports.

How to remove a bottom of a stomach of the man – healthy nutrition

Not to do without changes in the diet as success depends on food to a large extent. For a start it is necessary to make cleaning of intestines of the saved-up slags and toxins. For this purpose it is recommended to drink every day several glasses of kefir and it is the is best of all in the morning and before going to bed. This fermented milk product perfectly influences an intestines vermicular movement. It is very important to drink every day a lot of clean and still water which is also important for cleaning of intestines. In a diet there have to be products rich with cellulose which as if the sponge absorbs in itself hazardous substances, deleting them from an organism. Besides, cellulose allows to get rid for long time of feeling of hunger.

To remove a stomach bottom for short terms, it is worth giving preference to fractional food. Thanks to it it will be possible to support the level of metabolism and not to feel hungry. Morning meal is obligatory and it has to be nourishing that there was no desire to overeat during the lunchtime and for dinner. It is important to exclude from the menu sweet, fat, flour, smoked, salty and other products, harmful to a figure. It is impossible to drink the aerated and alcoholic beverages.

How to remove a stomach bottom to the man – exercises

For a start it is worth noticing that muscles of a press are recovered very quickly that allows to hold trainings even several times a day. If you want to cope with a problem, it is necessary to be engaged not less than three times a week. Except power trainings, it is recommended to allocate time and on kardio, for example, it is possible to run, ride a bicycle or to float. Carry out each of the exercises described below in three approaches, doing till 20-25 repetitions.

How to remove a bottom of a stomach and a side exercises:

  1. Settle down on a floor on a back, having pressed a backbone to a floor that there were no deflections in a waist. You hold hands along a body or part them in the parties. Bend legs and lift that hips were perpendicular to a floor. Exhaling, tear off a basin from a floor and attract knees to a breast, carrying out twisting. Then, exhaling, return to SP.
  2. Get up in situation a level, so that the back was a straight line. Serially tighten the left and right leg to a breast. It is possible to carry out movements on diagonal that will involve side muscles.
  3. The following exercise to remove a bottom of a stomach and a side is carried out on a horizontal bar. Hang on a crossbeam, having put hands is wider than shoulders. Raise knees to a breast, bending and raising legs. To involve side muscles, in the top point it is possible to carry out small turn of the case in one, in other party.
  4. That there were no sides, carry out this option of twisting: settle down on one side, having slightly bent legs in knees. You hold the upper hand behind the head, and lower embrace yourself. Exhaling, pull an elbow to a body, thereby carrying out twisting. Inhaling, return to SP.
  5. One of popular and at the same time effective stomach exercises – "Scissors". Settle down on a back, having pressed a waist to a floor. You hold hands along a body. Raise legs approximately by 15 cm from a floor, at the same time it is allowed to bend a little them in knees. Raise one leg up, and lower another down, and then, change their situation.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team