How to remove negative energy from itself?

How to remove negative energy from itself?

In the modernized world it is quite hard to remain away from the mass of surrounding negative energy, especially if to take a busy schedule of habitual life into account. Most of people are interested in a question how to reduce from itself stress and to save from negative energy which collected in a day? It is the best of all to make it by means of antistress meditation which will allow to feel slackness and to counterbalance internal state.

How to clean soul from a negative?

There is a set of various ways which will allow not to react to a negative, it is necessary to know how to use them. The most productive are:

  1. Negative energy can be removed at the river, having taken seat in a convenient pose ashore and watching a current. At this moment it is necessary to think only of good, and all bad needs to be "drowned" in the river that washed away it a current.
  2. Also negative energy can be dumped on water. Such method is considered the simplest: to look at the water running from the crane, to speak about themselves all the problems and to present that they leave together with water not to return back.
  3. For disposal of strong negative emotions it is possible to use also way of "burning" of problems in a fire. To present an image which complicates life and to burn it in a flame.

How not to pay attention to a negative?

It happens so that the person cannot think of anything the friend as about a negative, and at such moments there is desire to get rid of them and to cease to worry. It is necessary to make many efforts "to get rid" of bad thoughts, but as a result it is impossible.

The more the person tries not to think of bad, the more he is dipped into him. Actually to get off a bad mind, it is possible to use effective ways.

  1. To discuss it. There are many people who does not hesitate to tell all about the problems. And there are those which got used to keep everything in themselves, as a result getting a nervous breakdown. If gnaw any unpleasant emotions of which it is not possible to get rid, it is possible to try to share them with close people, in that case it will be possible to see a problem from outside and to notice as far as it is frivolous.
  2. If the head is stuffed by the mass of a negative, then it is very difficult to check all this. It is possible to try not to think for a minute of anything.
  3. To walk. Often the person thinks that own head is the only source of a negative. Generally so it also is, but maybe differently. Being in an environment of negative people who clash all the time and swear, a half of a negative can be caused in their mood. It is unlikely it will be possible to get rid of negative emotions if to be in such environment. It is recommended to go to walk that will allow to calm down and find composure.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team