Hydroponics – harm and advantage

Hydroponics – harm and advantage

Hydroponics – a method of cultivation of plants when instead of the soil nutritious water solution is used. Every year it becomes more popular therefore on counters of shops it is possible to find many vegetables which were grown up in the unusual way. Many consider that the plants which are grown up on a hydroponics do harm to an organism therefore it is important to understand this question in detail if something happens to secure itself. First of all it is connected with the fact that nutritious solution represents, in fact, water to which add chemicals.

Advantage and harm of a hydroponics

Let's begin with advantages of a similar way of cultivation. As plants receive food from special solution, they are saturated with mineral substances. Thanks to it the plant quickly grows and yields a good harvest. Using a hydroponics, it is possible to save significantly on space, and, therefore, and on water for watering. The advantage is also that at this method of cultivation it is possible not to be afraid of wreckers and insects who often carry various diseases. The hydroponics can be eco-friendly as for cultivation of vegetables in some countries use coconut milk. Besides It should be noted the fact that thanks to this method to grow up plants it is possible all the year round, so, the productivity increases.

Now about the most important – harm of the vegetables which are grown up on a hydroponics. As in solution there are chemicals, and the fruits which are grown up on its basis are comparable with vegetables on nitrates. In this case it is possible to mention a way which allows to remove a small amount of nitrates – put vegetables at least for a couple of hours in cold water. Many producers use the chemicals directed to increase in growth and to quantity of a harvest. As a result it affects taste of vegetables and also health. It is important to notice that with such fruits heavy metals which are not removed and collect in an organism get to an organism, and it through some time can significantly affect health. Some unfair producers for pest control and improvement of indicators of productivity, use toxic agents which can become the reason of development of serious diseases. As a result it is possible to draw a conclusion that harm to a hydroponics consists not in the harm, and as a part of chemicals which are used for cultivation of plants.

Not to be afraid that the vegetables bought in shop or in the market will do harm to an organism, it is necessary to choose them carefully. For this purpose first of all it is worth paying attention to appearance as the fruits which are grown up on a hydroponics look, as on the picture: they are beautiful, brilliant and without defects, but at the same time fruits a little faded. One more important point – smell vegetables and if they are deprived of aroma, that is are "plastic", then it is worth refusing purchase as in them there are a lot of nitrates.

Harm of a grass of a hydroponics

Among fans of drugs a hydroponics it is accepted to call marijuana which was grown up on water solution. According to the conducted researches this type of a grass renders on an organism where a greater influence, than the marijuana growing in the soil. The hydroponics does harm for an organism irreparable, and first of all the respiratory system as there is hypostasis of the upper airways and various diseases suffers, since bronchitis and finishing with lung cancer. As a result of consumption of a grass pressure increases, pulse and heartbeat becomes more frequent. Significantly the reproductive system, a brain and also nervous system suffers.


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